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Manakai O Malama

932 Ward Avenue, 6th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96814
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Manakai O Malama, in Hawaiian, loosely translates to the “healing spirit of the ocean.” Committed to partnering the best of modern medicine and traditional healing arts, the integrative wellness center and health clinic has put patients first in the Honolulu community for years and years to come.

At the heart of its practice, Manakai O Malama prefers a patient-centric style to its integrative health care. The health care facility believes in blending modern health care with alternative medicine in order to see the best long-term results for patients. If a patient walks into Manakai O Malama in need of physical therapy, the wellness center’s certified staff first treats the physical ailment before using traditional healing methods to treat the emotional, spiritual and environmental factors. Their philosophy lies in not only treating the health and wellness of a patient now, but preventative healthcare for the future.

While the staff is fully certified in the latest treatments in modern family medicine, the health care professionals are also well-versed in naturopathic medicine, in which the medicine focuses on seeking the cause and root of the disease or ailment instead of just suppressing the symptoms. Naturopathy emphasizes optimal wellness and disease prevention in order to treat problems for the long term, perfectly emphasizing the Manakai O Malama core values.

Among the rest of its health care services are:

  • Family medicine
  • Occupational medicine and rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological services
  • Lifestyle wellness
  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep wellness
  • Weight management
  • Acute care
  • Traditional healing arts

To learn more about Manakai O Malama’s unique balance of modern medicine and naturopathic medicine, call (808) 535-5555 to schedule an appointment and visit their website for more information on their healing capabilities. 

Announcements & Events from Manakai O Malama
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As a leading wellness center providing naturopathic medicine, Manakai O Malama in Honolulu, HI, aims to help its patients combat stress in healthy ways. From high blood pressure to more
Whether you are rehabilitating after a traumatic injury or recovering from a serious illness, occupational and physical therapy professionals have a variety of specialized more
April is Occupational Therapy Month, which means Manakai O Malama in Honolulu, HI, is showcasing the latest innovations in the occupational and physical therapy fields. more
You probably know that to live your best life, you have to get enough sleep. But that isn’t easy for everyone. Some people struggle to get adequate rest, whether due to a medical more
World Health Day is April 7. To both celebrate the occasion and enhance your health and wellness, Honolulu, HI’s own Manakai O Malama is educating patients about more
In observance of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month this past March, the team at Manakai O Malama, a health and wellness center in Honolulu, HI, wants to keep patients informed more
Whether you are male or female, it is essential to maintain your colon health and wellness. Fortunately, by making good lifestyle choices and visiting your doctor, you can more
If you’re a man over the age of 50, your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that examines the interior of the large intestine or bowel. Doctors more
Discussing life-threatening illnesses can be distressing. Yet, being able to pinpoint and recognize early warning signs aids in early detection which, in many cases, is linked with more
Blood pressure, as its name suggests, measures the amount of pressure with which your blood circulates throughout your arteries. When it reaches high levels, it can pose health more
Osteoporosis currently affects an estimated 10 million American adults, 80% of which are female. With such staggering statistics, it’s important that we do our best to understand more
Long-term stress affects nearly all aspects of your health and wellness. It triggers nausea, weakens your immune system, and even increases your risk of heart disease. So, in honor more
February is American Heart Month and, to celebrate, we at Manakai O Malama in Honolulu, HI are continuing our discussion on heart health. This time, our primary care team is more
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 735,000 Americans have a heart attack every year. This statistic is staggering. So, in honor of the more
From the disease’s earliest known description in 1600 B.C. to present day, our understanding of cervical cancer has progressed immensely. However, there’s more work to be done. At more
The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ that rests atop your windpipe, just below the Adam’s apple. Though small, it plays a crucial role in your overall health and wellness. That’s more
When it comes to health and wellness, men and women share many of the same concerns. However, there are still numerous conditions that remain exclusive to one gender. Women, for more
Like volunteering, giving money to charity benefits not only the community but also your health and wellness. That’s because it boosts your mood, supports bodily processes, and more
In the spirit of the holidays, we at Manakai O Malama have been using the past few weeks to discuss how Honolulu residents can give back to our community. We’ve already discussed more
 Manakai O Malama believes that giving not only benefits the community but also fosters better health and wellness. This is also strongly supported by evidence, as more
As an integrative health care provider, we at Manakai O Malama specialize both in modern medicine and in the traditional healing arts. That’s why we offer a wide variety of medical more
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With each passing year, more Hawaiians turn to acupuncture and other traditional healing arts for symptomatic relief as well as long-term healing. The practice has become more
The traditional healing arts is a diverse practice encompassing many therapeutic techniques. One that has taken the spotlight in the past few years is cupping therapy. For those new more
Acupuncture is just one of the various traditional healing arts we offer here at Manakai O Malama in Honolulu, HI. In this centuries-old practice, thin, sterile needles are more
Here at Manakai O Malama in Honolulu, HI, we offer a wide variety of rehabilitative techniques designed to not only treat specific concerns but also promote overall health and more
Thanks to the rise of the Internet, desk jobs have become increasingly prevalent in the past 30 years. But according to physical therapy experts, sitting for long periods wreaks more
Your spine is inextricably linked to your overall health and wellness. Misaligned vertebrae, for example, may disrupt your quality of sleep, immune system, and more. But more
If you’ve never seen a psychologist before, it’s natural to feel anxious about your first appointment. But we at Manakai O Malama, a premier wellness center in Honolulu, HI, are more
The spine is an amazing, complex structure that not only regulates movement but also houses the central nervous system. However, most people don’t think about their back until more
As of 2014, an estimated one in five adults has experienced a mental health problem at some point in their lives. But despite this prevalence, many Americans still hold more
We at Manakai O Malama offer a variety of psychotherapies and treatment options designed to help you overcome obstacles and become the best version of yourself. One such treatment more
Addiction, depression, grief – all are valid reasons to visit a psychologist. But what if you’re not currently experiencing these hardships? Here at Manakai O Malama, a leading more
As of 2016, an estimated 75 million American adults have high blood pressure. And according to Dr. Landon Opunui, a local doctor of naturopathic medicine, this epidemic poses more
You visit your primary care physician at least once a year. At each appointment, they expertly address your concerns as well as give you advice on how to improve your overall more
From pharmaceutical companies running biased studies to bloggers touting sponsored products, it can be difficult to sort through the rampant misinformation regarding nutritional more
According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 38.5 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, making it America’s second-leading cause of more
If you have diabetes, you are more susceptible to other long-term complications like cardiovascular disease, nephropathy, and foot damage. Thus, it’s essential you prioritize both more
When most people think of self-care, they think of pampering or relaxation. While both are valuable to your health and wellness, self-care also consists of small, everyday behaviors more
Although there are over 29 million diagnosed and undiagnosed case of diabetes in the United States alone, the disease is often misunderstood. Namely, many believe that diabetic more
From the disease’s first known mention in 1552 B.C. to present day, our understanding of diabetes has come a long way. However, there is still work to be done. At Manakai O Malama, more
Massage, like any other derivative of the traditional healing arts, comes in all shapes and sizes. Here at Manakai O Malama, for example, our highly trained massage therapists more
From Shiatsu and Thai to Swedish and deep tissue, there are dozens of different massages out there. However, one variation continues to puzzle patients and health care professionals more
At first glance, massage and physical therapy might seem like vastly different practices. In reality, they share the same goal: to improve one’s quality of life through more
When most people think of a massage, they think of luxury or relaxation. But did you know that this common spa treatment also promotes optimal health and wellness? Here at Manakai O more
When it comes to chronic pain, there are many different forms of treatment. However, most of these forms fit into two domains: pharmacological and non-pharmacological. Both are more
As many who visit our Honolulu-based health clinic will attest, chronic pain is not merely a physical ailment. Rather, it influences many aspects of one’s life including work, more
Here at Manakai O Malama, we offer a full range of modern and traditional medical services that, together, we refer to as integrative health care. This unique approach has helped more
As Honolulu’s leading health clinic, Manakai O Malama works with patients from all walks of life and with a variety of ailments. One of the most common conditions our Honolulu-based more
Last April, we at Manakai O Malama wellness center celebrated National Occupational Therapy Month by teaching our patients about the advantages of this longstanding practice. more
Although April is over and National Occupational Therapy Month has passed, we at Manakai O Malama wellness center will continue to educate our patients on the benefits of this more
Do you often wake up feeling groggy? Or, after particularly bad nights, feel like you haven’t slept at all? If so, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. According to our more
In honor of National Occupational Therapy Month, Manakai O Malama is using April to tout the benefits of this esteemed practice. Last week, our wellness center discussed how more
April is not only National Occupational Therapy Month, but it’s also the 100-year anniversary of this esteemed field. To celebrate, we at Honolulu’s Manakai O Malama wellness center more
Here at Manakai O Malama, we understand the value of a good night’s sleep. To help you achieve it, we have our Niolopua Sleep Wellness Center, a state-of-the-art diagnostic lab that more
We’ve all been there. You’re lying in bed after a long day, unable to fall asleep. You toss and turn, but nothing seems to work. However, according to our Niolopua Sleep Wellness more
Sleep, while appearing both passive and dormant, is actually a very crucial, complicated process. Thus, to achieve optimal health and wellness, we must first try to understand how more
As Honolulu’s leading health clinic, we at Manakai O Malama strive to educate our community on all things relating to health and wellness. This month, for example, we’re tackling more
February is American Heart Month, and health clinics around the country are raising awareness for the diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease. To join the cause, we at more
Right now, nearly 600,000 Hawaiians are living with prediabetes or diabetes. However, we at Manakai O Malama think we can help decrease that statistic. Each year, our health clinic more
According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 14 million people worldwide are diagnosed with some form of cancer each year. We at Manakai O Malama health clinic want more
When it comes to weight loss, the most common obstacle Americans face today is emotional eating. This widespread habit results in overeating and feelings of guilt, harming our more
Exercise is essential to your overall health and wellness. However, to fully embrace the active lifestyle, you should also watch what you’re eating. To start, we at Manakai O Malama more
With 2017 well underway, people all over the world have begun a new journey towards improved well-being. However, our health care team explains, it’s essential that your New Year’s more
A new year means new beginnings. At Manakai O Malama, it also means new wellness programs. Starting in 2017, we’ll be hosting an 8-week weight management workshop to help you not more
When it comes to the holidays, everyone has their own traditions. Some are conventional, such as baking festive cookies, while others are unique. Manakai O Malama Wellness Center more
The holidays are a joyous time for friends and family to gather and indulge in delicious food. However, for many, these annual festivities are also a source of stress that takes a more
The holiday season is known for two things: spending time with your loved ones and indulging in delicious food. Right now, you're probably imagining some of the classic dishes like more
Last week, Manakai O Malama recognized Alzheimer’s Awareness Month by answering three common questions about the disease. Now, our family medicine would like to continue this more
November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and everyone is encouraged to participate in any way they can. Some, for example, don purple ribbons to show their support, while more
Today is World Diabetes Day, and Manakai O Malama is helping spread awareness through high-quality health care and valuable education. Our family medicine has noticed that many more
On November 1, communities across the globe observed World Vegan Day. Some hosted potlucks while others set up informational booths and planted memorial trees. Manakai O Malama, more
At the Manakai O Malama Wellness Center, we are always looking for new ways to combine traditional and modern treatment approaches to better serve our patients. When it more
Since Osteoporosis Day is October 20th, we figured now would be the perfect time to discuss osteoporosis prevention and treatment options. This condition, which makes bones become more
With roughly three million Americans suffering from lower back pain annually, this ailment is all too common for many of us. Luckily, along with being self-diagnosable it is also more
At the Manakai O Malama Wellness Center, we often encounter patients suffering from a variety of bodily pain and discomfort. Fortunately, the cures are as universal as the symptoms. more
We all know that aging takes its toll on our bodies, but as several studies have shown, the aging process also has an impact on our brains. Cognitive changes occur for a number of more
While our culture often tends to be obsessed with staying as young as possible, there is actually a lot to be learned from our elders. While many people might disregard the more
We have all been told that we need to exercise for our mental and physical health and wellness, but this becomes even more important the older we get. Not only does working out on a more
Happy Healthy Aging Month! We believe that aging safely goes hand-in-hand with health and wellness; a large component of which comes down to prevention. One of the most common more
Many of our patients at Manakai O Malama’s rehab center are referred to occupational therapy after an injury, illness, or disability prevents them from completing what they more
Gratitude isn’t just for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. At Honolulu’s Manakai O Malama wellness center, we believe that gratitude should be expressed every day. more
Who knew that seeing the glass half full instead of half empty wasn’t just a cliché but an actual psychological practice? With positive psychology, it is! Unlike other areas of more
It’s no secret that everyone wants to be happy. The real mystery is how you achieve and maintain that happiness in our hectic modern world. Luckily, Honolulu’s Manakai O Malama more
Are you familiar with naturopathic medicine? This practice involves treating more than just symptoms, but tackling the underlying cause of the illness or injury as well. Rather than more
Have you ever heard the term ‘naturopathic medicine’ before? This area of study emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health care through the use of various therapies and more
Manakai O Malama – Press Release HMSA Adds First Naturopathic Primary Care Physician to Network Effective July 1st, 2016, HMSA added the first ever Naturopathic Doctor to its more
When it comes to sun protection, most of us already know the value in applying sunblock when outdoors, but there are actually lots of other ways to keep your skin safe and more
If you are inspired to get in shape, now is the time to get a workout in while cooling off at the same time. Swimming is the perfect answer for fitness enthusiasts who are more
At Manakai O Malama, we are now offering dietician services, provided by the National Kidney Foundation. A major part of living a healthy life has to do with nutrition. Our highly more
Making healthy eating fun is key to getting kids involved in the process. Make it a family activity to plan a meal, shop for groceries, prepare food and cook together. Children of more
Since May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, now is the perfect time to learn more about workout tips and benefits, so you can stay motivated and active not just this more
Did you know that May 12th is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day? This date was specifically chosen because it falls on modern nursing founder, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. more
Recent studies have shown that Americans spend nearly 50 hours a week in the office. With so many hours clocked every day, it’s important to stop and consider your safety and more
This April is Occupational Therapy Month and we decided that it is the perfect time to take a closer look at the practice of occupational therapy. Occupational therapists (OTs) help more
Have you heard any mentions of “health coaching” in the news recently? These buzzwords are popping up more and more, now that this practice is becoming increasingly popular. Since more
With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time for increased awareness on health and wellness habits. April 7th, 2016 isWorld Health Day which focuses on raising more
If you are looking to learn more about acupuncture and wondering who can benefit from this healing art, we are here to help. At Manakai O Malama, we believe everyone can enjoy the more
Have you ever used a foam roller? This device, often found at most fitness centers, is incredibly beneficial in a number of different ways. While most of us may brush it off as more
The 16th annual World Sleep Day will be taking place on March 18th. This year, the World Sleep Day Committee has come up with a new slogan to celebrate the event: “Good Sleep is a more
If you find yourself feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally unwell and you are unsure of where to turn to for a solution, the staff at Manakai O Malama is here to help. more
When it comes to health care, there can be a lot of confusion for the consumer. Between all the complicated paperwork, unfamiliar vocabulary, and the countless number of options more
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet may be an effective approach to reverse or better more
Have you ever heard of the term “preventive services”? Everything from getting mammograms to receiving vaccinations falls under this category. Most health care plans cover more
Hypertension is a worldwide epidemic with an estimated 20% of the world’s adult population having this condition. An elevation in blood pressure over 140/90 on at least 3 separate more
Now that 2016 is officially here, there is no better day than today to get organized. With the chaotic and hectic nature of day-to-day life, it’s easy to let organization fall to more
If you are looking for an easy and healthy breakfast while still sticking to your health and wellness goals, consider oatmeal as an option. If you think oatmeal sounds too bland and more
At Manakai O Malama,we offer treatment solutions to a wide array of physical, mental, and emotional health problems. If you have recently been diagnosed with glaucoma or you more
With a new year here, many of us are already planning ways to improve our lifestyles in the coming months. Whether you’re planning to eat healthier, workout more often, or read more more
We all know that stress can have a negative impact on our mental and emotional well-being, but unmanaged stress can actually impact your physical health in a number of ways as well. more
If you are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season but searching for more meaningful ways to celebrate, we are here to help. Even though Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the more
Our lives have become so busy that it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed in the complex lives we life in modern day society. If the effects of unmanaged stress are wearing on more
Organization of your day and concentration on tasks are often used to describe “time management”. By definition, time management is the “act or process of planning and more
As the largest integrative medical clinic in Hawaii, Manakai O Malama provides a wide range of medical and wellness services to help patients with their physical, psychological, more
Whether you have been given a diagnosis of diabetes or your doctor has warned you that you are at risk for developing diabetes, there are several proven lifestyle factors that can more
At Manakai O Malama, we provide a diverse array of medical and wellness services that are designed to integrate modern medicine with traditional healing arts. Whether you are more
At Manakai O’Malama, we offer a wide array of medical and wellness services that are designed to enrich our client’s lives and help permanently correct any issues that are causing more
If you are suffering from chronic back pain or have the occasional ache and discomfort in your back, you may benefit from chiropractic care. While many people are more familiar with more
Keeping your back straight and shoulders upright is beneficial for a number of different reasons. When you maintain proper posture, your skeletal and muscular structures are primed more
At Manakai O Malama, we are always looking for ways to keep our patients healthy and free of disease. One issue that garners a lot of attention is the topic of cancer screening. more
At the Manakai O Malama, we often encounter patients who suffer from back pain. Whether you’re feeling the impact of long days at work, suffer from a sports injury or were involved more
If you find yourself feeling down in the dumps for several days, you may be tempted to believe that you suffer from depression. It is normal human behavior to feel sad and blue at more
Do you find yourself in a mental state that could be improved? Whether you’re having anxious thoughts, depressed feelings, or a general sense of being overwhelmed, you may be more
At Manakai O Malama, we provide a wide array of wellness and medical services, designed to help you feel better and improve your health. We offer both modern medical care and more
Today starts the third annual Naturopathic Medicine Week, which is a time to showcase exactly what naturopathic physicians do. We thought this would be the perfect time to quiz more
If you are looking to improve your sense of mental and emotional wellbeing, the staff at Manakai O Malama is here to help you. As part of our integrative healthcare approach, we more
It is very common to feel stressed or anxious because of the modern day rigors of living in today’s society. Work issues, relationship problems, traffic and finances are some of more
Now that the new school year is in full swing, extracurricular sports are gearing up as well. While this is an exciting time full of fun, activity and competition, sports injuries more
If you are constantly suffering from unrelenting allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose or itchy eyes, you may benefit from properly identifying your allergens and more
At Manakai O Malama, we utilize traditional healing therapies that have been passed down through generations to withstand the test of time, allowing our providers with the ability more
At Manakai O Malama, we combine the very best of modern medicine with traditional healing arts to achieve optimal health outcomes. Our unique integrative healthcare approach is more
When you visit Manakai O Malama, we will help you work through your conditions and ailments through our various medical and wellness services. We provide everything from more
At the Manakai O Malama Center for Wellness, we provide a wide array of medical and wellness services to help patients with a variety of ailments and conditions. One of our more
It goes without saying: a good night’s sleep is one of the most enjoyable activities in life. But what happens when you find yourself wide awake night after night, just watching the more
At Manaki O Malama we feature a different health-related theme every month, and this August is all about Head Injury Awareness. With summer in full swing, many of you are taking more
At Manakai O Malama, we believe that living life to the fullest means making healthier choices on a daily basis. Our wellness pathways are designed to focus on patient diagnostics, more
Manakai O’ Malama, a Hawaiian phrase translating to “healing spirit of the ocean” is the foundation of our healthcare and rehabilitation center. Along with providing an array of more
Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and according to the American Cancer Society, “about 3.5 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed in this more
Manakai O' Malama has been the authority on integrative health in the Honolulu, HI area since 2002. Alternative and naturopathic medicine are the main focuses of the staff at this more
Honolulu, Hawaii's Manakai O' Malama is a wellness center that knows all about the Hawaii lifestyle. They know that Honolulu residents love to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, more
By blending the techniques of western and alternative medicine, Manakai O' Malama offers patients the best of both worlds. In their client-focused Honolulu wellness center, Dr. Ira more