Texas City-League City, Texas

Mount Hebron MBC

Mount Hebron MBC

1650 Dickinson Ave, Ste C
Dickinson, TX 77539
(409) 218-9339
Mount Hebron MBC, Churches, Services, Dickinson, Texas

Are you seeking a new church home for you and your family? With a mission to glorify God through worship, education, and evangelism, Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church in Dickinson, TX, is dedicated to empowering individuals and families through a true sense of community service. This loving and devoted non-profit Christian organization offers fun events, powerful small groups, and corporate worship. 


This local church is headed by Reverend Kevin Reeves, a passionate pastor who truly cares about enriching the lives of those across the region by delivering a strong message of faith, redemption, and family devotion. Rev. Reeves is proud to lead a congregation of firm believers in beautiful worship services, Sunday school classes, and Wednesday night Bible studies. Staff members will gladly pray for families or supply spiritual guidance for individuals facing difficult life challenges.


This diverse church is open to everyone looking to hear the word of God in a warm and inviting atmosphere, placing an importance on spreading the Kingdom of God to brothers and sisters in need. You’ll find refuge from emotional storms and healing teachings that are based on the Scriptures, and you can take part in several different outreach programs and events designed to strengthen the community. From educational initiatives to planned activities, there’s always an opportunity to participate in the church.


When searching for a spirit-filled sanctuary, stop by Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church. Call them today at (409) 218-9339 to speak to a representative or visit them online for more information.

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