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Need a new heating or cooling system for your home or building? Serving the Wiregrass area for over 30 years, Woodall Heating & Cooling, Inc. promises high-quality work every time. This local, family-owned business does everything from central air-conditioning to garage door repair to gutter installation!

These professionals are trained to install and service major heating and cooling brands, including Trane®, Lennox® and Water Furnace™. They have their own fully equipped sheet metal fabrication shop and a warehouse stocked with a large supply of replacement parts and new equipment. With a strong, friendly support staff at their Enterprise, AL, office and a large service department, you can be sure that there’s no job too big for Woodall Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Worried that a project might be just outside of your budget? As a one-stop shop for a variety of home installations, including heating and cooling systems, fireplaces and duct cleaning, this company considers their customers a top priority. The professionals at Woodall Heating & Cooling, Inc. will work with their clients to offer 100% financing, preventative maintenance agreements and lengthy warranties for each project.

If you need more proof of their dependability and exceptional customer service, Woodall Heating & Cooling, Inc. was voted the #1 Heating and Air Conditioning Company for the last 14 years by the readers of the Enterprise Ledger. You can call them at (334) 347-1243 or visit them online for more information on the services they have to offer.

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