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JG Portal, Specialized Software, Services, Salt Lake City, Utah

Starting up a small business requires a lot of steps: licenses, networking, a brand identity, and of course, an absolutely killer website, trustworthy cloud storage, and data security. The team at JG Portal provides web programming, design and hosting, and marketing to help your business stand out from the crowd. They can also offer training for web development and design, or will design and build a website from scratch for your company.

The software professionals at JG Portal are experienced with a full range of cloud storage, data and document security, database modeling, data driven SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, financial reports and reporting management services. The team aims to customize a software platform and services to completely fit the specific needs of each business, and makes use of the newest, web-based data visualization technologies to provide data that helps each business make strategic decisions.

Whether your company needs a cloud-based storage system, security features, a custom built website, or reporting management services, JG Portal will work with you to develop and design the right solution for each business and the right tools to understand and access your data. They can also help you find secure storage for data, like orders, customers, sales, leads and financials, and recommend software that helps automate tasks to save time. 

Local business owners will receive full support on developing cloud storage solutions, database modeling, data cloud storage or financial reports when working with the JG Portal team. Reach them at (801) 709-1687 or contact them via their website

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