Dothan, Alabama

Eye Surgical Associates

Eye Surgical Associates

2664 Hartford Hwy
Dothan, AL 36305
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One of the most frightening things you can experience is problems with your eyesight, whether it’s sudden or gradual. The ophthalmologists of Eye Surgical Associates in Dothan, AL, understand that and work hard to slow down or halt the loss or impairment of your eyesight. For nearly a decade, this family-friendly eye care center has provided top-notch medical examinations, surgeries, and other procedures in a welcoming environment.


From cataract surgery to blepharoplasty, there are numerous services offered by these ophthalmologists that are designed to help your vision. They also have services for corneal transplantation, Lasik® surgery, pterygium excision, and pathology. If there’s an issue with your vision or the health of your eyes, these are the specialists to call.


Trust the skilled and respected ophthalmologists of Eye Surgical Associates to provide you with the evaluations and eye care you need. Schedule an appointment today by calling (334) 699-2244 or visiting them online.