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The Tortora Law Firm, LLC

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The Tortora Law Firm, LLC, Personal Injury Attorneys, Services, Fairfield, Connecticut

From workplace injuries to criminal defense cases, having a skilled lawyer by your side is essential to tackling a variety of legal situations. However, not all attorneys are created equal. With more than 20 years of experience, The Tortora Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to fighting on behalf of clients across Fairfield County, CT, and the surrounding area. This skilled team of experts is prepared to create a custom plan of action for individuals.


The team of talented legal professionals will put their expertise to the test to obtain rightful compensation for wrongfully injured drivers, motorcyclists, and workers. You and your family will benefit from the backing of successful attorneys with a proven track record for winning personal injury settlements. They stay up to date with latest laws and regulations pertaining to workers’ compensation, wrongful death, and auto accidents in order to deliver sound litigation services.


In addition to personal injury lawsuits, this trusted local law firm is the premier leader in criminal defense cases and civil litigation. Michael Tortora offers support and guidance for both individuals and families during this challenging time. You can look forward to receiving knowledgeable advice, unwavering encouragement, and incontrovertible arguments throughout the various court proceedings.


When searching for a reliable attorney, go with The Tortora Law Firm, LLC. As a member of the National Board of Trial Advocacy, they are certified as a civil trial attorney and have undergone strict evaluations of their objectives, standards, and procedures. Call them today at (203) 292-5436 to schedule your free consultation.

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