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Just ten years ago, Pinkberry reignited the category of frozen yogurt with their commitment to uncompromising quality, fresh ingredients, and a staggering array of flavors. Today, they have locations in 21 countries across the globe, offering delicious frozen yogurt, tasty smoothies, and nutritious snack options that have become an international sensation. No matter what taste you're in the mood for, Pinkberry is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Every product behind a Pinkberry counter is made with real milk, real yogurt, and the freshest fruit chopped by hand every day, creating a rich flavor experience customers around the world have come to love. Their selections include everything from tart blood orange and pomegranate to indulgent chocolate, pumpkin, and even gingerbread, along with enough toppings to create a limitless variety of combinations.

Pinkberry is also dedicated to providing an amazing, fun experience to every customer who walks through the door, striving to create a bright spot in your day. Their stores are designed to be inspiring environments for the community, so visit one today and find out why people can't get enough of the original frozen yogurt shop.

To find your nearest location or check out their refreshing menu, just visit Pinkberry online.

Announcements & Events from PINKBERRY
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It doesn’t get much sweeter than a froyo party in summertime. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, school event, or business conference, Pinkberry can make it a sweet success more
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Packed with protein and with half the carbs and sodium of regular varieties, Greek yogurt is considered a superfood by many nutrition experts. It works wonderfully as a snack, more
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Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year? Don’t worry. Your local Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop has enough love to go around! In the form of a delectable, icy treat, that is. & more
With Valentine’s Day only a week away, now’s the time to start wrapping up your last minute gift shopping. This year, why not treat your loved ones to a Pinkberry froyo gift card! more
Some delicious news for froyo lovers: next Monday is National Frozen Yogurt Day. And what better way to celebrate this countrywide holiday than by visiting your nearest Pinkberry! more
Many patrons that approach the counter at their local Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop ask the same question: “what’s the difference between a Greek yogurt smoothie and a plain yogurt more
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Just because you have an allergy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cup of Pinkberry frozen yogurt. In fact, they’ve recently introduced a new line of dairy-free flavors sure to satisfy more
Ice cream and frozen yogurt are a match made in heaven. Until recently, however, Pinkberry didn’t feature ice cream on their menu. But now that’s changed. Introducing Pinkbee’s more
Want to go on a tropical getaway without having to take off work? Just visit your local Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop! They have a variety of exotic flavors sure to satisfy your more
When most think of frozen yogurt, they imagine it in either a cup or a cone. But what about a smoothie?  At Pinkberry, this dessert is a fan favorite. They offer both frozen more
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Pinkberry is known for their unique toppings and seasonal froyo flavors. This winter, they’re introducing a new treat to their menu: Peppermint Cookies & Cream. Just in time for more
Wondering how you can spice up your holiday party this year? Why not sweeten it instead, with seasonal froyo and catering from your local Pinkberry! Your Guests Will Love Pinkberry’ more
With a menu as unique as Pinkberry’s, it’s easy to get caught up in flavor and topping selection. But what about the container is comes in? Like in a traditional ice cream parlor, more
Free froyo? Sounds too good to be true! Luckily, Pinkberry is making this dream a reality. Now at your local frozen yogurt shop, there are plenty of ways to earn this sweet, more
With their history of bold flavors, unique toppings, and wholesome ingredients, Pinkberry is known for their dedication to froyo innovations. Now, they’re offering a new twist more
Pinkberry is known for their unique and delicious froyo flavors, but what about their toppings? The cover all the basics, of course, but they have so much more. When you visit your more
With hundreds of flavor and topping combinations, Pinkberry is always giving froyo lovers new treats to try. The novelty, however, goes beyond what’s already on the menu. Just when more
We’ve all been there. You’re at home in your pajamas, browsing the freezer for a late night snack. It’s full of options, but all you can think about is the one thing you don’t have: more
A good party requires just three ingredients: enthusiastic guests, lively music and entertainment, and tasty treats. Surprise the guests at your next gathering with froyo catering more
If you’re like millions of Americans, your New Year’s resolution probably includes some promises to get healthy and stay fit. Taking care of yourself is a fantastic goal, because more
When it comes to crafting froyo that’s delightfully tart, unexpectedly fresh, and packed full of nutrients your local Pinkberry knows best. Unlike other frozen yogurt more
Pinkberry has quickly become everyone's favorite frozen dessert shop, so this holiday season as you’re busy rushing from party to party, be sure to snag a pick-up pack to go so more
Pinkberry frozen yogurt is the perfect guilt-free frozen dessert, and now thanks to their decadently delicious dairy-free and gluten-free flavors, everyone can enjoy the cool creamy more
Pinkberry frozen yogurt is the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth without ruining your diet, and your local froyo shop is always coming up with exciting new flavors to try, more
Everyone already loves Pinkberry's frozen yogurt, in all its mouthwatering varieties. With flavors ranging from blueberry and lemonade to key lime and pomegranate, Pinkberry has more
Watching your weight is no reason to give up on dessert. Head over to your local Pinkberry and enjoy a cool, delicious treat that’s big on taste, not on calories.Unlike ice more
Whether you're hosting a corporate event, managing a conference, or throwing a party for your employees, your local Pinkberry's catering services will make your event stand out! more
When you want to treat yourself to something yummy and refreshing, you go right to your local Pinkberry! So, why not pass on the guilt-free deliciousness to your family and friends? more
Pinkberry is everyone’s go-to frozen dessert wonderland, and that’s no surprise! They’re serving up the original delectable frozen yogurt. Did you know that Pinkberry originated in more
Summer blockbusters aren't just for the movie theaters anymore. For a limited time, Pinkberry is proud to offer its own triple feature of amazing new flavors of frozen yogurt to more