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In today’s ever-changing construction industry, finding ways to reduce your company’s overall expenses is imperative to meeting your bottom line. Based out of South Sioux City, NE, LiteForm offers builders and home owners energy efficient, high performance building systems that save time and money. For more than 30 years, this pioneering manufacturer has been committed to providing cutting-edge products and cost-effective solutions.

LiteForm’s patented insulated concrete form is designed to meet and exceed all requirements while folding flat for efficient shipping. Unlike rigid ICF products, LiteForm’s custom system is shipped with unique hinge ties that reduce handling costs and job site space by 55 percent. You’ll also improve the overall energy-efficiency, foundational integrity, and sound resistance of your residential or commercial structure. In addition to specialized ICF walls, clients can take advantage of their other extraordinary building materials, including:

  • LiteForm TILT system: A patented insulated concrete form for tilt-up construction projects that features expanded polystyrene panels and 18-gauge steel attachment rails for a lighter, faster, more energy-efficient casting bed.
  • LiteBar: A high-quality glass fiber bar that installs like steel, but is stronger, lighter and rust-free.
  • FlexxBoard: This rigid foam insulation board offers lower costs than traditional extruded polystyrene boards and bonds to concrete to reduce the possibility of cracks, shifts, and heaving.
  • LiteFoot: In colder environments that are prone to ground freezing, this frost protected, shallow foundation system provides a faster setup process and lower costs than standard residential and commercial foundations.

When searching for ways to improve your construction company’s total profitability, utilize top-of-the-line concrete construction technology from the folks at LiteForm. Call them today at (402) 241-4402 or visit them online for more information.

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