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Edstrom Elite Fitness

Edstrom Elite Fitness

1299 Bryan Rd
O Fallon, MO 63366
(314) 780-9513
Edstrom Elite Fitness, Gyms, Health and Beauty, O Fallon, Missouri

If the fear of being judged by onlookers deters you from joining a gym and achieving your goals, look no further than Edstrom Elite Fitness. Located in O’Fallon, MO, this unique gym is rewriting the way area residents view fitness by providing their clients with ways of getting in shape that they can be excited about.

Unlike traditional fitness centers where patrons are left to fend for themselves among a crowd of seasoned gym goers, Edstrom Elite Fitness takes pride in focusing on one person and one goal at a time. Experienced in working with clients from all walks of life, these personal trainers start by conducting an initial consultation to help determine your goals and assess your physical abilities. Once completed, their team designs custom workouts utilizing a variety of approaches, including personal training sessions, group fitness classes, yoga, and one-on-one workout classes, among other training tactics.

Well-versed in conditioning clientele with a variety of unique requirements and medical complications, Edstrom Elite Fitness works hard to make every member feel welcome. Whether you have health concerns to consider, such as hypertension or heart disease, or have suffered an injury leading to muscle pain or joint replacements, their staff of trained professionals has the knowledge to work with virtually any condition to help you reach your weight loss goals to the best of your ability and in a healthy manner.

In addition to individualized fitness plans and workout sessions, this gym offers nutritional guidance and meal plan assistance to help you get the most out of your workouts and see results fast. To inquire about their individualized fitness and nutrition plans, call (636) 387-6142 today.

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