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If you are in the market for a new fence, then it is crucial to find a fencing company that offers a wide variety of fencing materials and can offer dependable installation services. In Hawaii, Kapolei’s Hawaii Fence Supply is the one-stop shop for all your fencing and gate needs.

No matter what kind of fence or boundary you need, the local business can find the right product for your specific needs. They offer many beautiful fences and gates that add an aesthetic appeal to your property, as well as more functional options that offer greater security and protection. Their wide array of fencing options includes:

  • Residential Fencing (e.g. estate fencing and backyard fencing)
  • Security/Industrial Fencing for Parks & Rec and Federal & Military
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Hand and Guard Rail
  • Commercial Fencing for apartments and municipalities
  • Swimming Pool Fencing
  • Pet Fencing
  • Gates

Because Hawaii Fence Supply has a variety of materials, the local business will be able to find you the perfect fence to meet your budget. In particular, the company is known for their aluminum fencing, as it is the highest quality residential and commercial fence in the industry. And if you want something that requires low upkeep, they have maintenance-free options as well.

There is a reason why Hawaii Fence Supply is the South Pacific’s go-to fencing company—they are reliable, professional, and have the best inventory in town. Learn more about the business by giving their friendly staff a call at (808) 682-0086 or visiting them online.

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Hawaii Fence Supply is Oahu's leading fence company. Located in Kapolei, these suppliers have the materials and the know-how to help local contractors execute any fencing more