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Nancy V. Jacob, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you struggling to make ends meet because of rising debt? Take back control of your life with assistance from an experienced lawyer. With more than 29 years of passionate service in the area of bankruptcy law, attorney Nancy V. Jacob is dedicated to helping individuals reach financial freedom through effective legal solutions. As a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), Nancy offers sound advice for clients across Cincinnati, OH.

Whether suffering a job loss or crushing medical bills, there are countless reasons that can bring an individual to a financial crossroad. However, Nancy will work hard to help you reach redemption through a custom plan of action that fits your specific situation. Sit down with her to describe your debts and assets before filing for bankruptcy. Receive the tools and education you need to make an informed decision.

A clean slate from credit card debt and medical expenses, along with collection actions, is feasible under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Clients can depend on this professional lawyer to select the right exemptions to protect assets, such as property and vehicles, from creditors during the process. Take time to also speak with Nancy about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which consists of a reorganization of debt into manageable payments over a fixed time frame.

Keep your head held high with dignity after receiving legal guidance from bankruptcy lawyer Nancy V. Jacob. Reach out to her today by calling (513) 921-1400 to schedule your free initial consultation or visit her online for more information.

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