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Case Foundation Systems, Foundation Repair, Services, Louisville, Kentucky

Save thousands of dollars on your foundation repair job by going with the experts at Case Foundation Systems in Louisville, KY. Their patented wall anchor system, the only patented system in the industry, is designed to effectively support deteriorating walls and eliminate the need for a total foundation rebuild. Their experienced team is dedicated to helping you protect your largest investment through sound foundation repairs, basement waterproofing, and concrete lifting services.

Since 1944, this local foundation repair company has been exceeding the expectations of clients with cutting-edge technology and innovative, certified products. You and your family can depend on their anchor system to effectively strengthen your existing foundation. Their team of technicians will install steel anchor rods into the supportive soil and attach the rods to the basement wall. Then, high-strength, steel wall plates are secured inside the wall to finalize the stabilization process.

Are you facing serious basement leaks? Take advantage of the custom waterproofing solutions at Case Foundation Systems. From structural reinforcement to hydro system installations, count on this trusted company to quickly and efficiently solve your leak problems with a wide range of repairs. Don’t forget to ask about their emergency sump pumps to avoid future flooding.

If you’re dealing with a cracked or sunken concrete slab, speak to the friendly technicians about concrete lifting services. They understand the process of slab jacking and will properly lift uneven surfaces back to their original positions.

Put more money back into your pocket with help from the talented folks at Case Foundation Systems. Call them today at (502) 367-7706 to schedule a free estimate or visit them online for more information.

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