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Tajiri Lumber, Demolition & Wrecking, Shopping, Honolulu, Hawaii

Over 70 years of successfully, affordably, and efficiently providing residential and commercial demolition services is something you can rely on. Tajiri Lumber has been doing just that, as well as concrete recycling, lot cleaning, hauling services, and more in and around Kalihi, Hawaii. The family owned and operated company is ready and able to take on any cleanup task, both small and large.

Tajiri Lumber is a member of the Hawaii Transportation Association, and an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm. These credits show that these professionals can not only be trusted to get the job done, but will do so in a health-conscious and effective way.

One of the projects that Tajiri Lumber takes on is concrete recycling. Instead of allowing your concrete rubble to be taken to a landfill, you can keep Hawaii beautiful by having it hauled away and used on other customer projects. Tajiri Lumber can also handle nearly any demolition project, and will help with the building process by providing demolition for residential, commercial, industrial, or custom interior needs.

Looking to excavate to build a pool, underground parking lot, or foundation for a new home or office building? Tajiri Lumbr has the equipment and expertise to take care of it for you, so you can focus on bringing your vision to life. If you haven’t even gotten this far, and simply need to clear a lot to build on, Tajiri Lumber will clear the land, remove debris, clear trees, and break down, remove, and recycle concrete on your site.

Are you ready to get started building your dream home, office, or pool? Call Tajiri Lumber, your insured and bonded source for competitively priced contractor services, at (808) 841-2896. You can also reach out by email at info@tajirilumber.com. Be sure to visit their Instagram page for fun and helpful photos of some of their work!

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