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Properly working heating and air systems go unnoticed for the majority of time in homes and offices, but when those units break down, panic begins to set in. Relieve the tension with dependable services from a trusted HVAC contractor. For more than 50 years, Ashland Furnace Co. has provided reliable solutions for residential, commercial, industrial clients across Kentucky. This licensed company is prepared to tackle problems quickly through their 24/7 emergency repairs.

This family owned and operated HVAC contractor truly cares about resolving tough heating issues promptly. There’s no need to freeze; their experienced technicians will create a custom plan of action to fix your broken furnace, no matter the make or model. Has the time come to replace your heating system? Select from a wide range of manufacturers, including Amana®, Lennox®, and Goodman®.

Clients can also beat the heat at Ashland Furnace Company. In addition to furnace repairs and installations, their skilled technicians offer complete air conditioning maintenance services at budget prices. Speak to the knowledgeable staff about upgrading your unit to a new energy-efficient design for increased savings on your utility bill. Further, protect your home with indoor air cleaners and purifiers from the top brands on the market.

From air conditioning repairs to furnace installations, the talented HVAC technicians at Ashland Furnace have you covered. Call them today at (606) 325-3211 to get started on your free estimate or visit them online for more information.

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