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Let’s be honest—no one likes mowing their lawn. Even when you’re fortunate enough to be able to purchase a riding lawn mower or hire your own landscaper, that’s still time, effort, and plenty of money you have to put into your lawn maintenance. Instead of wasting your time with expensive landscapers and lawn mowers, join the future and say hello to Autmow Robotic Mowing, North America’s first robotic lawn care service. Based in Westerville, OH, this lawn care company of 23 years specializes in robotic lawn mowers, giving you the resources to ensure you never have to break a sweat mowing again.

Whether you’re interested in leasing one of their revolutionary machines or you want to purchase outright, there are plenty of options available when looking into robotic mowing. With multiple models to choose from, you’ll always get a powerful machine worthy of the investment. Once you’ve committed to the technology, a professional will help schedule an installation, mapping out the layout of your lawn for accurate robotic mowing.

Proximity sensors on your robot allow for careful mowing and the avoidance of obstacles, while lightweight blades allow for near-silence, so you can schedule your mowing at night. They’re also designed to withstand rain, move up and downhill, and run electrically to reduce air pollution. There’s even an app for your smartphone, making it possible to control your robot from wherever you are. If you want someone to take care of the trimming and edging, Automow Robotic Mowing can add a professional to your package to come put the finishing touches on your lawn.

Take a leap into the next century and enjoy lawn care without a care. Contact Autmow Robotic Mowing today by calling (614) 568-3096. You can also find out more about their robotic lawn mowing machines by visiting them online and on Facebook.

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