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For 130 years, MacVean, Lewis, Sherwin & McDermott, P.C. has been helping Hudson Valley residents navigate through all of the complexities of the court system. Whether you need a personal injury attorney, a criminal law attorney, a divorce lawyer, or some other kind of legal help, their team has you covered.

The MLS&M firm is known for taking a personalized approach to all cases. This means that individuals, businesses, banks, insurance companies, and medical practices alike are guaranteed to get the kind of airtight, highly experienced representation that gets maximum results.

These personal injury attorneys also provide services regarding commercial and consumer loans and mortgages, foreclosures and workouts, regulatory compliance, and a variety of other litigation issues. In fact, they deal extensively with commercial and residential real estate, including FHA/VA/USDA and SBA loans, land zoning and development conflicts, and more. MacVean, Lewis, Sherwin & McDermott, P.C. is also labor and employment law experts, and they've represented everyone from governmental entities and municipalities to private employers.

The firm's personal injury lawyers have won numerous victories for their clients—including $825,000.00 in an infant lead poisoning case, $1.5 million in a carbon monoxide poisoning case, and $2.5 million in an auto accident settlement. Moreover, all consultations are completely free. And that means that you have nothing to lose—and, conceivably, everything to gain—by inquiring further.

To find out more, give the MacVean, Lewis, Sherwin & McDermott, P.C. team a call at (845) 343-3000. Superb and time honored legal expertise is just a phone call away, so don't hesitate to reach out today!

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If you're involved in a civil litigation suit or facing criminal charges, proper preparation is key to achieving your desired outcome. At MacVean, Lewis, Sherwin & McDermott...read more
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While many law firms talk a good game during the initial consultation, finding a dependable personal injury attorney can take a bit of work to ensure that you are ultimately satisfie...read more
For over 130 years, the law firm of MacVean, Lewis, Sherwin & McDermott, P.C. in Middletown, NY, has been advising and assisting clients with a variety of legal claims, from crim...read more
Navigating the bankruptcy process can be difficult for a number of reasons. This includes making sense of the attorney fees necessary to file your bankruptcy petition, which can depe...read more
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Based in Middletown, NY, and serving the entire Hudson Valley, MacVean Lewis Sherwin & McDermott, PC has been offering unparalleled legal representation since 1885. They speciali...read more
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MacVean Lewis Sherwin & McDermott, P.C., has been serving the Hudson Valley region since 1885, with a commitment to three things: service, strategy, and success. Located in ...read more
Driving under the influence is a serious charge, and being convicted carries ramifications that can have major consequences on the rest of your life. If you're facing a DUI, it's imp...read more
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Whether you're an individual, family, or business, you will find the professional legal counsel you need at MacVean,Lewis, Sherwin & McDermott, P.C. This Middletown, NY, law offi...read more
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Service. Strategy. Success. These are the three key focus areas that have kept MacVean, Lewis, Sherwin& McDermott, P.C. a trusted multiservice law practice since 1885. Serving re...read more
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