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Apex Environmental Services LLC, Building Cleaning Services, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

For over 50 years, Apex Environmental Services, LLC has been providing the Cincinnati Tri-State area with the highest quality professional cleaning services available. If you’re looking for a friendly, efficient cleaning company, Apex Environmental Services is your best choice!

Apex Environmental Services knows that each property has different needs, which is why they specialize in developing unique cleaning programs. Their staff will work with you to identify your janitorial needs and come up with an action plan. Whether you’re in need of maintenance services or just a floor cleaner to make those tiles shine, they offer competitive prices for all long or short-term commercial cleaning contracts.

Apex Environmental Services is committed to building long-lasting relationships with all of their clients. Each staff member is trained to the highest standards, and can meet health code requirements in a variety of work environments, including healthcare facilities, retail stores, corporate offices, industrial locations, and more. Apex Environmental Services also takes environmental concerns into consideration for every cleaning job. Their staff is trained and up-to-date on all current green-cleaning methods and industry standards.

If you’re in need of office cleaning, floor care, or facilities management and consultation, contact Apex Environmental Services, LLC. There’s a reason why they were awarded "Minority Business of the Year" by the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce. Call them today at (513) 392-4903 for an estimate or visit them online for an extensive list of services. 

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