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Pipe Plus Inc.

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Pipe Plus Inc., Fabrication, Services, Willow Springs, Missouri

Do you need quality steel for your next project? Whether you’re constructing a new office building or retrofitting an existing structure, go with a proven steel distributor for affordable prices and durable materials. For more than 20 years, clients across Willow Springs, MO, and the surrounding area have put their faith in the folks at Pipe Plus Inc. Their knowledgeable and trustworthy staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with excellent customer service.

From grain bins and hay feeders to pipe culverts and steel tubing, the local steel distributor is prepared to fabricate the perfect parts for both commercial and residential clients. Our large fabrication shop is equipped to break, shear, punch, roll, HD plasma, and much more to process steel to your specification. 

When orders are placed, count on us for the highest quality and the most reasonable cost. No need to worry about unexpected delays, as requests are fulfilled in a timely manner in order to meet the timetable of your building schedule. Feel free to ask any questions regarding specific metal building supplies, paints, and design methods.

For the dependable and professional steel distributor you deserve, reach out to the experts at Pipe Plus. Their welcoming team is waiting to hear from you. Call them today at (417) 469-5292 to plan your fabrication proposal.

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