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Serving the Milford, Orange, West Haven and Stratford, CT communities, Mathnasium of Milford offers year-round and summer math tutoring programs for elementary, middle and high school students. Using an approach that’s been repeatedly shown to successfully engage with students of all levels to develop essential math skills, prep for SATs and foster a genuine passion for the subject, this center employs highly trained math tutors who provide individualized attention and comprehensive feedback.

The importance of the skills developed here cannot be understated; beyond standardized testing, math abilities are essential for a huge range of technical and scientific fields. That said, it is often the case that students are “turned off” by the way it is taught in schools. At the core of this is confusion with the subject that leads to frustration, which is why the expert math tutors here have devised the Mathnasium Method™ to truly develop these skills.

How does this method work? Basically, it involves a cycle of assessment, gauging where current skills are, customized learning plans based on the assessments, and group as well as individualized work with caring instructors who implement these plans. Learning here involves building off of what is already known and using innovative ways to use these building blocks to further promote student understanding.

There are a variety of programs at Mathnasium: Parents can opt for a private math tutor, the after-school program, or the center offers comprehensive summer programs that let groups of students work together to catch up or get ahead. Through it all, the emphasis is on making learning these invaluable skills fun and rewarding.

To learn more about the programs and teaching style of Mathnasium of Milford, check out their website or simply give them a call at (203) 783-1490. If you enroll your child in this center, you’ll not only see improved grades and scores, but the development of true curiosity, capability and enthusiasm when it comes to math.  

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