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It seems like that no matter what the season, critters like to come out to play. If you live in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, the good news is that Animal Remover, LLC has got you covered. Animal removal is available in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Hamilton, Oxford, and Dayton for anyone struggling to manage unwanted wildlife in their home.

Wildlife removal can be tricky, and certainly not something you should attempt to do yourself. Wild animals – even raccoons and skunks – can be harmful to you, and damaging to your home or office. By improperly trapping and excluding the animals, you can also upset the wildlife and their natural habitat. That’s why the licensed and insured team at Animal Remover, works quickly and effectively to provide safe raccoon removal, rodent control, mole trapping, bat removal, pest control, skunk removal, and more. 

Emergency services are available 24-hours a day to alleviate any concerns you have. If the animal has caused damage to your property before the team arrives, animal damage repair and cleanup services are also available.

Once wild animals have been removed, trapped and excluded, a professional can provide inspection of your property, attic restoration, and help you to better prevent future animal damage in your home or office. No task is too small for Animal Remover; the team works with a variety of animals, from foxes and reptiles to coyotes and armadillos. While most work comes from removing live animals, Animal Remover also helps locate and dispose of dead animals. Deodorization and disinfection can help with any residual smells or harmful microorganisms if you have found a dead animal in your home or place of work.

If the animals in your community have started to venture into your home or office, call Animal Remover, LLC today at (513) 324-9453 to handle the problem. The team will also teach you how to prevent future problems with wildlife to ensure that your space stays secure, and exclusively yours. Feel free to email these animal removal experts at

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