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Taking care of your garden means you have to do more than simply weeding every other Sunday. If you want to maximize your property’s curb appeal, you must improve your landscaping with quality products and service. Affordable Landscape Supplies will work with you on landscape design, and offers same-day delivery to locations in Boone and Kenton Counties. With their expertise, your garden and grounds will present the right kind of image that commercial and residential customers prefer.

Family owned since 1981, Affordable Landscape Supplies is open seven days per week to meet your needs. The skilled staff will walk you through the different selections of filler (Affordable Landscape Supplies carries seven types of bulk mulch, 52 types of gravel, four types of sand, and more), and your options for flagstone paving. Their landscaping material options will give you an opportunity to use the best product for your property.

Affordable Landscape Supplies will work with you one-on-one to establish your vision for your property. Together, you will design a plan that beautifies your space and creates a comfortable and enjoyable landscape. Not only will elegant landscaping improve the aesthetical appeal of your home or business, it will also increase your ability to relax and appreciate your surroundings. Affordable Landscape Supplies offers free estimates, and customers can take advantage of dropping off discarded shrubs, tree trimmings, leaves and wood waste, free of charge.

To contact Affordable Landscape Supplies, call (859) 586-9142 to speak with someone directly. They are conveniently located in Burlington, Kentucky if you would like to visit in-person.

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