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If you’re no stranger to pain and are looking into physical or occupational therapy to help find relief, look no further than LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa. Located in Caldwell, NJ, Dr. John de Hoyos, DPT, and his team proudly serve patients in the region by offering effective solutions you can rely on to help you live the life you want and reach your highest potential.

No matter your injury or pain, they strive to help you restore your range of motion quickly so you can get back to your normal activities. They offer a variety of treatments, including sports massage, therapeutic massage, and rehabilitation exercises.

Whether you have suffered a sports injury or have strained a muscle while exercising, their team utilizes sports massage to address a variety of common ailments, such as sprains, strains, and lactic acid build-up. If the pain goes deeper into the connective tissue, LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa provides top-quality massage services aimed at improving your range of motion and decreasing the swelling you might otherwise experience in your muscles and joints.

For problems such as a torn rotator cuff, carpal tunnel syndrome, and wrist or hand fractures, the physical therapist and his support staff go above and beyond to offer superior medical care that addresses your pain and discomfort. Focused on ensuring they provide every patient with an atmosphere that’s conducive to healing, there’s no better facility to help you reach your goals through a positive outlook and industry-leading techniques.

When you’re searching for relief from an injury or everyday aches and pains, contact the team at LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa. Call them today at (973) 228-0072 or visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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