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Are you looking for a way to decrease your energy bill? Increase the energy-efficiency of your home or office with quality spray foam insulation from the experts at Energy Shield Spray Foam in Eminence, KY. Their skilled team understands the unique properties of this cutting-edge insulation and will educate you on the product’s many benefits. Clients count on their company to offer competitive rates and excellent customer service.

Energy Shield Spray Foam is proud to offer the latest in insulation products to residential and commercial clients alike. Their knowledgeable team will carefully explain the expansive nature of the foam, which will completely fill nooks and crannies that would be left exposed by other insulation materials such as foam boards. Spray foam insulation also offers an R-6 resistance value, which is the highest available value on the market.

Put more cash back into your pocket by saving on your energy expenses. As a powerful insulator, spray foam provides up to 20 percent more in energy savings than rigid foam products. The airtight seal also prevents air filtration in commonly unprotected areas, including crawl spaces and attics. Don’t forget to ask their helpful staff about the moisture barrier advantages and long-life span of the material.

Whether you’re insulating a home or business, take advantage of the cost-effective spray foam insulation at Energy Shield Spray Foam. Their friendly representatives will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding pricing and installation. Call them today at (502) 220-0231 for more information.

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