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Mr. Transmission

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Mr. Transmission, Transmission Repair, Services, Dothan, Alabama

When it comes to keeping your vehicle running, few parts are as important as your transmission. Whether manual or automatic, this system is the reason you’re able to travel at varying rates of speed without putting too much stress on your engine, by shifting gears. For more than 60 years, the national franchise Mr. Transmission® has been the place to go to ensure these systems aren’t compromised. This location in Dothan, AL, has been serving the area for 30 years, their certified mechanics detecting, diagnosing, and solving your issues before things become too expensive.

No one wants a car they can’t drive, and this transmission shop is here to keep that from happening. They perform the work necessary—like repairs, diagnostics, and free performance checks—to keep your transmission shifting and your wheels turning. With state-of-the-art equipment and products, highly advanced technology, and dedication to their craft, the work you receive from these professionals is second to none.

If you’re in need of transmission repairs, chances are you’re unable to drive your vehicle to the shop. Knowing this is often the case, Mr. Transmission offers free towing with major repairs. Backed by their nationwide warranty, you will have the backing of their coverage plans at any of their 120 shops throughout the country.

From fluid flushes to filter exchanges, they know how to offer comprehensive services that will ultimately increase your vehicle’s longevity. For more information on how to keep your car cruising along the interstate, contact Mr. Transmission today at (334) 673-8726 or visit them online. You can also follow their Twitter page for continuous updates.

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