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Anthony J Adams DDS - Healthy Body Dental, Dentists, Health and Beauty, Clearwater, Florida

If you or a loved one is unhappy with their smile, bring them to Healthy Body Dental. Located in Clearwater, FL, this thriving dentist office is well known throughout the region for offering compassionate and comprehensive dental services that are designed to improve the overall health of patients.

The staff at Healthy Body Dental is dedicated to providing first-rate oral health and dentistry services that give their patients something to smile about. Unlike many other dentists, who treat only the mouth and teeth, Anthony J. Adams DDS takes a holistic approach, understanding that dental health is just one small part of bodily wellbeing. Specially trained using minimally invasive equipment, he considers everything about his patients before recommending treatment options. He recognizes that problems within the mouth are often reflective of problems within the body, so he and his staff offer their knowledge on how oral health directly impacts overall health to give you the tools you need to lead a full and healthy life.

If Dr. Adams determines you or a family member requires dental work, he and his staff offer general care, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, and preventative care solutions. Whether it's time for an annual dental cleaning or agonizing tooth pain has you in need of a filling or extraction, these professionals have the knowledge and ability to deliver the dental services you need. Trust them to perform any necessary procedures, including filling and bonding, crowns, dental bridges, general dentistry and more.

When you need a dentist who goes above and beyond to ensure you have the right tools to have a healthy mouth and body, trust Dr. Adams and Healthy Body Dental to keep you smiling for years to come. To speak with a staff member about scheduling an appointment, call (727) 799-3123 today. Visit them online for more detailed information about their dental office.

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