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The doctors of Anchorage Dental Care are extremely passionate about family dentistry. For decades, Dr. Howard, Dr. Gardiner and Dr. Parks have been helping patients restore and maintain their dental health, creating bonds with each of them. Located conveniently in Anchorage, Alaska, this neighborhood dental office is ready to serve patients with kindness and efficiency.

Anchorage Dental Care offers a wide range of services, including teeth whitening, regular cleanings and checkups. X-rays are included in every checkup, ensuring the health of the gums, jaw, and roots of the teeth. For patients who are looking to straighten their smile, Anchorage Dental Care also offers Invisalign® services.

The dental hygenists at Anchorage Dental Care have mastered performing procedures used during cleanings in friendly and comfortable manner. Anchorage Dental Care listens to their patients needs and wants and performs only necessary procedures to accomplish this. The safety and comfort of each patient is our priority for this team of family dentists.

Additionally, Anchorage Dental Care offers a generous new patient package, including a complete dental exam, full consultation, cleaning and polishing, and all necessary X-rays. With a package as thorough as this, it has never been simpler to restore and maintain dental health!

To learn more about how Anchorage Dental Care can help keep your smile healthy, visit the website or call (907)-334-1055

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