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Al’s Plumbing LLC provides reliable, affordable plumbing services in the Shelton, Connecticut area. From basic plumbing work to bathroom remodeling and new bathroom construction, this experienced, detail-oriented team of local plumbers will handle all of your bathroom needs.

Al’s Plumbing LLC has been a family-owned business since 1951, taking pride in the work they do and striving to meet the needs of every customer. And if you don’t live in Shelton, don’t worry––they serve the following surrounding counties: New Haven, Fairfield, Middlesex, Hartford, Tolland and Litchfield.

Stop tinkering with that leaky faucet and call Al’s Plumbing LLC to fix it. Need a re-grout? Or how about an extensive cleaning and sealing? They’ve got you covered. Got a clogged drain? Low water pressure? Whether it’s a minor problem, or you need to build your dream bathroom from the ground up, these licensed Connecticut plumbers will deliver the service you need.

With over three generations of experience and a reputation to show for it, the bathroom contractors at Al’s Plumbing LLC go above and beyond average plumbers: they’re experienced painters and electricians, and even know how to hang sheet rock, lay custom tile, handle marble and granite slabs, and provide window services. Had a recent ant or termite infestation that damaged your property? Al’s Plumbing LLC also specializes in ant and termite restoration.

Learn more about what Al’s Plumbing LLC can do for you by visiting their website or sending them an email at For an estimate, call them today at (203) 924-7800.

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