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When you book holiday rentals through thedinosaurhaus in New York City, you get the incredible opportunity to discover the big apple like a real New Yorker! Say goodbye to staying in boring chain hotels, and nab a chic short-term rental in one of New York City’s many exciting neighborhoods.

thedinosaurhaus is a concierge service that offers tourists a beautifully curated selection of the best vacation rentals in NYC. Imagine spending your days walking through the world-famous Museum of Modern Art, shopping on 5th Avenue, and dining at Momofuku, only to return to your very own New York City apartment at night! That’s what thedinosaurhaus is all about. They offer dozens of fully furnished vacation apartment rentals in nearly every area of Manhattan, with accommodations to suit any travel style or budget, and you can easily search though all of their available properties online.

Nowadays, people don’t want to stay in generic hotels and see the same sights that everyone sees; they want to have a culturally immersive vacation that allows them to truly experience what it’s like to live in a different city. In addition to providing you with awesome local digs, the helpful staff at thedinosaurhaus can give you all the insider information on seasonal events in NYC and fantastic restaurants that locals love and tourists usually miss!

New York City isn’t just a collection of restaurants, venues, and destinations - it’s also a state of mind. The city has a unique rhythm to it and to truly experience what makes New York City different than any other city in the world, you have to live like a local. Find a holiday rental today by calling thedinosaurhaus at (646) 233-1442 or visit them online.

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