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A Hawaiian owned and operated company, Rojac Trucking Inc., of Wailuku on Maui, has made a name for itself as the Island’s premier heavy haul trucking company. Working with numerous local businesses as well as state and county projects, this company provides a wide range of trucking services: operating commercial dump trucks for construction projects, low boy trailers and any other hauling job needed. For almost 40 years, this trucking company has established a reputation for consummate professionalism and unmatched expertise.

An accredited member of the BBB, Rojac Trucking has been involved in numerous large construction jobs throughout the island. For example, the company was contracted to perform earthwork for construction of the Honokowai Marketplace, cleared roadways for the Kaheawa Wind Farm as well as numerous road and highway projects. Under the helm of trucking specialist Ronald Jacintho, Sr. and civil engineer Gary Watanabe, P.E., the company has proved itself time and again for any hauling or construction related trucking job.

Whether helping a business with site preparation for construction, or providing gravel for a state and county project, Rojac Trucking makes it a point to be as professional as possible. Given that trucking and construction are trades that rely heavily on word of mouth, these locals realize the importance of giving every job their all.

To take a look at the jobs completed by Rojac Trucking Inc. or simply to learn more about their philosophy and approach, check out their website. If you’re looking for unparalleled trucking services in Maui, give the folks here a call at (808) 986-1100

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