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Serenity Now Float Spa

Serenity Now Float Spa

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(636) 265-0104
Serenity Now Float Spa, Spas, Health and Beauty, O'Fallon, Missouri

A spa day often means the opportunity to relax and de-stress from the demands that daily life brings. At Serenity Now Float Spa in O’Fallon, MO, you can take your relaxation to the next level. Choose between their float, whole body vibration, and infrared sauna therapy services to receive effective pain relief that is proven to increase your mood and help you regain strength.

Whether you train at the gym several days a week, have a specific medical condition that causes discomfort, or are pregnant, you’ll benefit from the time you spend floating at this spa. Floating can help you recover from an injury more quickly, find pain relief for a variety of medical conditions, and strengthen your immune system. The water in their floating tanks is extremely buoyant and dense with salt so you experience gravity reduction. Not only does this help you truly relax and find peace, it frees up your body’s resources and energy to be reallocated for natural healing.

Each time you visit, a clean and inviting atmosphere will be waiting for you to lay back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Staff members are informative so you know exactly what to expect and will provide tips to make your appointment positive.

Contact Serenity Now Float Spa for a unique pain management technique that will revitalize and enhance your quality of life. Call them at (636) 265-0104 or visit them online to speak with a staff member about scheduling an appointment. Be sure to visit them on Facebook to read their numerous 5-star reviews.

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Serenity Now NOVEMBER SPECIAL!, O'Fallon, Missouri
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