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Whether you’re in need of a simple teeth cleaning or a more complicated procedure like a root canal, Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl, DDS will always go the extra mile to make sure your dental services are comfortable and of excellent quality. With over 30 years of experience, this Cincinnati-based dentist and his expert team provide general dentistry services using the latest in cutting-edge treatments and state-of-the-art technology.

When you visit Dr. Petrtyl’s office, he and his team will make sure your needs are at the forefront of their priorities. Always keen on making patients feel at home, the staff at this dental office will treat you with compassion and care whenever you come in for an appointment. So, anytime you sit down for a tooth extraction, gum disease treatment, or cosmetic dentistry procedure at Dr. Petrtyl’s office, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe and comfortable.

Open six days a week, this dental office offers evening, weekend, and emergency appointments on an as-needed basis. No matter your dental concerns, Dr. Petrtyl and his highly qualified staff are always available to put your dental fears to rest and help you achieve the smile you deserve.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the general and cosmetic dentistry services offered at the office of Dr. Robert Petrtyl, feel free to give them a call at (513) 554-4657 or visit them online

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An abscessed tooth is a painful pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection. When left untreated, the infection may spread and become life-threatening. During treatment, your more
A dental visit often involves a thorough exam and teeth cleaning. When you show signs of gum disease that’s progressed beyond gingivitis, though, your dentist may recommend a deeper more
The root canal tends to get a bad reputation in popular culture and in the waiting room at the dentist's office. Many people dread the procedure, but in reality, it’s more
Not many children get excited about brushing their teeth, flossing, or visiting the dentist. Instead, most try to avoid practicing oral hygiene because they find it dull more
Gum disease is a progressive oral health condition with subtle beginnings, which is why it can be so dangerous. In addition to causing issues that are easy to ignore like gum more
Daily flossing is integral to healthy teeth and gums. However, some people have difficulty using standard string dental floss and so miss out on the benefits of a proper oral& more
Dentists can learn a lot about your oral health by taking X-rays. X-rays are used to detect problems with jawbone tissue, find hidden cavities, and see how well orthodontics more
As you age, you may find yourself dealing with problems you never had before. The body gradually loses its ability to fight certain health problems as it gets older, and oral more
A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that forms due to an infection, generally at the tip of the dental root or at the gumline. Your dentist should treat an abscess as soon more
Sleep apnea is a fairly common disorder during which breathing stops and starts throughout the night. Symptoms include snoring loudly, waking up gasping for air, and feeling drowsy& more
Playing sports is an excellent way for your child to get physical exercise and socialization, but precautions should be taken to ensure they remain safe. Your family dentist can more
Dentures are the perfect solution if you’re missing multiple teeth. However, like any cosmetic solution, they require diligent care. Staying on top of the general rules and more
It isn’t easy to cope with missing teeth, but it can be tricky to know what to expect when it comes to replacing them. However, by working with your dentist and being open to more
Teeth can wear down and decay over time, but some tend to experience more decay than others. Serious damage or infections can lead to pain inside and around the tooth. This may more
Cavities are one of the most common oral health issues that dentists treat. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 adults will develop one or more cavities in their permanent teeth by the more
Proper brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. Removing plaque at least twice a day helps prevent cavities and reduces your risk more
Many people are diagnosed with sleep apnea each year, but did you know your dentist can help with treatment? The potentially dangerous disorder repeatedly disrupts breathing while more
Canker sores are small ulcers in the mouth and cause mild to serious pain. Unlike cold sores, they appear exclusively in the mouth and have numerous possible causes, including more
Mouth pain is a significant disruption in your everyday life. Some of the worst pain can be caused by straining or discomfort in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint more
Dry mouth, or xerostomia, occurs when the saliva glands in the mouth do not function properly. It creates a dry, sticky feeling in the mouth and throat, causes bad breath, cracked more
There are sensitive nerves inside your teeth that respond to pressure, heat, cold, and other sensations. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable, and symptoms may be more severe if your more
Mamelons are the bumpy ridges which develop along the edge of teeth as they erupt. They are particularly common among the lower and upper incisors (the straight teeth at the front more
When you’re an athlete, wearing a mouth guard is critical to protecting your teeth from impact—especially if you’re involved in a contact sport. But as this custom dental appliance more
No one wants to hear that they need a tooth pulled, but dentists only make this recommendation when it’s in the patient’s best interest. In such cases, retaining the natural tooth more
Most babies don’t need to see a pediatric dentistry professional until their first tooth has erupted or they’ve turned one. Yet, the way you care for them from birth can ultimately more
Your children's teeth are important to their health and comfort. When they have cavities, they may experience pain and have difficulty eating. To prevent them from developing more
Dental fillings repair minor decay in teeth and are one of the most common procedures dentists performed in their offices. A dentist can use several tooth-like materials to more
Your teeth are made of a layer of protective enamel surrounding softer inner materials. If the enamel is damaged, the interior of the tooth becomes vulnerable to infection. To more
Cold sores and fever blisters are not uncommon. In fact, about 80% of people have or will have cold sores at some point. These are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), more
Growing and losing teeth is one of the big milestones of growing up. Your child's baby teeth won't be with them forever—but while they're there, they play an important role in your more
For parents with young children, selecting the right dentist for little ones can be an unfamiliar process. If you’re planning your child’s first visit, you may be researching your more
Everyone snores from time to time, but for some, it’s a regular occurrence. If you or someone in your household is a chronic snorer, you’ll be glad to know it’s typically not a more
Thanks to advances in medical technology, people have more options than ever before when it comes to restoring oral health and aesthetics. Restorative dentistry and cosmetic more
Even the highest-quality dentures will need to be replaced over time. Replacement may be necessary for a number of reasons, from changes in the patient’s mouth to general wear and more
Your child’s first visit to the dentist is an important step in creating a healthy dental care regimen. It can be intimidating, so you’ll want to prepare them properly and begin more
Your dental health is important to your overall health, so maintaining good oral hygiene is essential. Your dentistry team will likely offer to clean your teeth every time you visit more
While kids are just wild about Halloween, parents and dentists are not so keen due to the abundance of sugary snacks. But you can prevent kids from negatively impacting their oral more
You brush your teeth every day and visit your dentist to keep your mouth healthy, but do you know how your teeth actually work? Each type has a unique purpose, helping us more
While proper brushing and flossing is important for dental health, being too hard on your teeth can have a detrimental effect as well. For instance, brushing too hard can damage more
If you have sensitive teeth, brushing and eating can become uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep symptoms related to sensitivity under control. Even more
Summer has arrived and kids love the freedom from their usual routines—later nights, sports, and vacations or camp. It may feel like a challenge to monitor your kid’s activity, more
There are dozens of oral care products that can be applied topically to achieve a whiter, brighter smile, but optimum oral health ultimately starts from within. The foods you eat more
Beauty fads are certainly nothing new, but there has been a recent surge in dental trends people follow to obtain a whiter or healthier smile. Some do not pose any serious risks. more
Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, has been included in municipal water supplies since 1945 and is known for fighting cavities in both adults and children. However, there have more
Any time you have a question about dental care or are experiencing an unfamiliar symptom, it’s wise to speak to a dentist. Yet, there are some situations these more
While a regular toothbrush is integral to maintaining good oral hygiene, an electric brush can really boost your level of dental care. That’s why dentists like Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl, more
When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, brushing is not enough. Flossing plays a crucial role in your oral health regimen and can prevent a number of serious dental issues. more
Preventing gum disease is essential, as it can result in teeth loss if left to exacerbate. That’s why dentists recommend taking steps to reduce plaque buildup in your mouth. At the more
Some people aren’t aware of oral health issues they’re experiencing until it’s too late. Gingivitis is one of the most common conditions. The staff at Dr. Robert Petrtyl more
Dry mouth isn’t just an uncomfortable condition; it can also increase your risk of oral health problems. Without enough saliva, your mouth can’t properly rinse away the food more
A lifetime of healthy smiles starts in childhood. Children should begin visiting the dentist shortly after their first tooth erupts or by the time they turn one. In addition to more
With 2018 underway, people have already set their resolutions for the New Year. From eating healthier to exercising more, there are a number of different ways to improve your health more
January is the perfect time to visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning. As the start of the year kicks off, you can embrace a renewed commitment to dental health—and get off on more
Carrying a child is an exciting experience—but it is also accompanied by plenty of responsibility. Pregnant women must take meticulous care of themselves, as their more
For many people, wisdom teeth are a pain. Not only do they emerge long after the rest of your adult teeth; but they often must be extracted to prevent issues like misalignment. They more
There are situations in which a tooth extraction is necessary. The staff at Dr. Robert Petrtyl in Cincinnati, OH, advises patients to familiarize themselves with these more
Nothing puts your life on hold like a toothache. It hurts to eat, sleep or even engage in daily activities. If you have a persistent or severe ache, contact your dentist right more
Whether you heard it from a parent or a friend, many misconceptions surround dental health. However, you shouldn’t buy into everything you hear. Being able to differentiate fact more
When it comes to the dentist, patients may not know everything about the industry or their oral health. Dental professionals are more than happy to speak with you about these more
If you have damaged or missing teeth and want to repair your smile, you may be wondering what your restorative dentistry options are. Depending on the extent of the damage and your more
Excellent oral hygiene encompasses more than simply brushing or scheduling a teeth cleaning with your dentist. Food and drink play a significant role in this regard. Acidic more
Keeping your teeth healthy should be a joint effort between you and your dentist. Regular teeth cleanings are important, but they won’t prevent oral health issues if you’re not also more
For kids, excellent oral hygiene begins with regular teeth cleanings. To this end, summer is the perfect time to schedule a dental appointment for your child. With more than more
The electric toothbrush has amassed quite a following in recent years—but how do they compare to their traditional counterparts? There are advantages to both choices. more
From professional procedures at a dentist’s office to over-the-counter strips, today’s options for achieving a whiter, brighter smile are virtually endless. Unfortunately, each more
Snoring isn’t just a habit that can keep both you and your partner awake at night—it also has an impact on your general wellbeing. While there are surgical remedies available to more
If you suffer from bad breath, regular appointments with your dentist can help. The office of Dr. Robert Petrtyl in Cincinnati, OH, knows this firsthand and regularly more
You brush twice a day and floss when you remember to, but when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and ensuring your oral health is up to par, visiting the dentist twice more
You’ve got the hang of some healthy oral hygiene practices—but can you identify which habits are detrimental to your smile? Below, Cincinnati dentist Dr. Robert Petrtyl more
If you have a busy schedule or get anxious in the dental chair, you may be tempted to skip your bi-annual dentist appointments. However, it’s important to remember your more
Strong tooth enamel is fundamental to a bright, healthy smile. Even with regular brushing and flossing, there are a number of things that can break down your enamel and cause decay. more
A recent study revealed that nearly one-third of all Americans are dissatisfied with their smiles. The culprit? Crooked teeth. Many people believe that having crooked more
Everyone longs for a beautiful, straight teeth. While you may not have been blessed with your dream smile from birth, advances in modern restorative dentistry make perfect more
Toothaches aren’t an enjoyable experience. They cause nagging pain, unwelcome reactions to hot and cold foods, and aches that don’t dissipate. Thankfully, there are preventative more
According to estimates, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders affect over 10 million Americans. These conditions commonly cause temporary or prolonged more
The new year has begun! While you’re deciding what you’d like 2017 to look like, why not make a resolution to make your teeth a priority? Getting started on this resolution is more
Most of us have already mapped out your New Year’s resolutions, vowing to cut back on calories or get outside more often. This year, why not make your teeth a top priority? For more
While failing to brush or visit your dentist for regular teeth cleanings can lead to a yellow smile, the treats you consume on a daily basis play just as big of a role. more
It’s finally that time of year again—Thanksgiving. Worried that this feast could affect your oral health? Many of the holiday’s favorite foods are actually good for your teeth, more
Remember what your mother told you about covering your mouth when you cough? According to Cincinnati, OH’s leading dentist, Dr. Robert Petrtyl, the idea that germs can more
Goblins and ghouls aren’t the only scary part of Halloween. Ask any dentist, and they will tell you that trick-or-treating for all that cavity-causing candy is the real more
Do you suffer from the uncomfortable and embarrassing condition known as halitosis? If you have chronic bad breath, Dr. Robert Petrtyl wants you to know that there are plenty of more
Oftentimes, family members of varying ages each need to see different medical practitioners. That’s not the case for Cincinnati’s leading dentist, however. Dr. Robert Petrtyl treats more
Even with diligent oral hygiene at home, regular professional teeth cleanings are vital to a bright, healthy smile. If you’re seeking a lasting, beautiful smile, Dr. Robert Petrtyl more
Taking care of your kids’ teeth all year round is important, but the beginning of the school year is an especially good time to give the dental care process a jump-start. Dr. more
Most dental problems can be prevented by flossing, brushing with fluoride toothpaste, and making regular visits to your dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups. However, if the more
Fillings are a tried-and-true solution for treating cavities. They keep teeth healthy and stop decay in its tracks before it can lead to root canals. Known for his focus on more
Unfortunately, it’s very common for people to visit their dentist to treat injuries caused by using their teeth improperly. At Dr. Robert Petrtyl's restorative dentistry office more
Over the years, it’s difficult to maintain a perfectly white smile. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution than frequent teeth whitening treatments or have uneven or more
If your gums have been bleeding, swelling, or accumulating tartar and plaque, you may need gum disease treatment. It’s best to head to the dentist as quickly as possible: If more
Dealing with tooth sensitivity can be extremely annoying. If you’re looking for ways to work around your sensitive teeth, Dr. Robert Petrtyl can help! As Cincinnati’s best more
Parents try to do everything they can to ensure their children’s health, but a good pediatric dentist knows that passing on effective oral hygiene habits means doing more than more
A bone graft is a routine and painless restorative dentistry procedure that you may require to maximize the outcome of a dental implant surgery. Restorative dentistry specialist more
Your dentist has probably already told you by now that you should replace your toothbrush at least every three months. However, did you know you should be throwing out your more
Dr. Robert Petrtyl is a dentist in Cincinnati who utilizes cutting-edge treatment to care for the health and well-being of his patients. Offering a variety of dental more
Could taking prescription medication result in more trips to the dentist? Dr. Robert Petrtyl of Cincinnati, OH, has been serving the dental care needs of area residents for more
In addition to regular brushing and flossing and biannual trips to the dentist, space maintainers are an important tool for caring for grins of all ages. Used in restorative as more
Dental fillings that have failed or are in danger of failing may cause pain and sensitivity. More importantly, your tooth’s interior could be exposed and vulnerable to further decay more
Dry mouth is a very common occurrence in adults and can be caused by several different factors. Dry mouth has a variety of symptoms and can cause complications to your oral health more
It’s not uncommon for a person to experience a canker sore at some point, but that doesn’t stop it from being a painful nuisance. Although canker sores typically clear up on their more
Itchy, uncomfortable blisters around your lips look like pimples but may actually be cold sores. These embarrassing blemishes are triggered by the flu, hormonal changes, stress, and more
Osteoporosis is a serious health condition that typically comes about as a result of aging, menopause, and not getting enough calcium and vitamin D. Dr. Robert Petrtyl of Cincinnati, more
Though infants don't come into this world with a full set of pearly whites, they do require special dental care and teeth cleaning so that their teeth are healthy when they more
Oral cancer presents a serious health risk, but with early detection, you have a fairly high chance of a positive outcome. Dr. Robert Petrtyl has been providing Cincinnati, OH, more
When you’re a new parent, it can be a little nerve-wracking to realize that you’re in charge of caring for a tiny human being. That’s why there are health care professionals in more
Oral cancer is a disease that occurs in any part of the mouth, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, gums, tonsils, the roof of the mouth, and salivary glands. Approximately 48,250 Americans more
Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body, but without proper care and cleaning, it can stain, crack, or erode, leaving your teeth in need of restorative dentistry. That' more
If you've spent any time in the dentist's chair for cavities, you have probably received one or two fillings. While it's likely that getting fillings may be the end of your more
Dr. Robert Petrtyl is a dentist located in Cincinnati, OH who proudly offers pediatric, general, and restorative dentistry solutions for his patients. His practice is equipped with more
Dr. Robert Petrtyl, a leader in General Dentistry, in Cincinnati, OH, constantly advises patients on the importance of regular dental visits in order to maintain and improve both more
Fixed bridges are a proven and extremely effective method for filling the gaps in your smile after a tooth extraction. Even if you're missing several teeth, your dentist can create more
When it’s time to take your child to the dentist, there’s no doubt that you’ll want him or her to be as prepared as possible. Sometimes, that means doing a little prep work more
Bad breath is an embarrassing problem that affects everyone at some point. Luckily, breath odor problems can be easily improved in many cases. Dr.Robert Petryl shares the causes of more
Put simply, co-diagnosis is based on the idea of incorporating more than one perspective on a diagnosis. It is not merely one professional's word against all else, but instead a more
Dentures can be wonderfully life changing. When they don’t fit well, however, dentures quickly become a hassle. Serving the Cincinnati, OH area for over 30 years, Dr. Robert Petrtyl more
Periodontal disease is defined as an infection of the gums that, if left untreated, affects the bone structure and may cause teeth to fall out. Symptoms include red, swollen, tender, more
Losing a tooth as an adult is very common; on average people between the ages of 20 to 64 have approximately 27 of their 32 teeth. If you have a tooth is missing, there are a number more
Dr. Robert Petrtyl is known throughout Cincinnati, OH for his unwavering passion for creating beautiful, dazzling white smiles for his patients in an atmosphere that focuses on more
Think brushing your teeth aggressively is doing pearly whites a whole lot of good? Think again. Brushing teeth too hard results in toothbrush abrasion, or damage caused by excessive more
Infections cost Americans billions of dollars every year. From missing work to cumbersome treatments, infections are inconvenient; however, they are preventable. Though you usually more
Many seemingly normal day-to-day activities can harm even the most hygienic mouth. Drinking coffee and tea stain teeth, while consuming sugary drinks and saccharine deserts can more
Whether you wear a retainer, mouth guard, or full or partial dentures, it’s important to keep your oral appliance clean. If these appliances aren’t cleaned regularly, bacteria can more
Dr. Robert Petrtyl of Cincinnati, OH has been providing general, pediatric, and restorative dentistry in the area for many years and has a wealth of patients who continue to trust more
If you’ve recently been fitted with braces, you’re probably wondering how they will change your daily life. Thankfully, your friendly Cincinnati general dentistry expert Dr. more
For those in the Cincinnati area, there is only one dentist to trust for all of your dental needs: Dr. Robert Petrtyl. Whether you are in need of an annual teeth cleaning, a more
There’s nothing more disconcerting than sitting in a doctor’s office or dentist chair to hear a prognosis that goes completely over your head. It makes every situation seem that more
Adjusting to a life with dentures can be intimidating; however, the change can be easy and comfortable with a few tips. When it comes to premium dental care, Dr. Robert more
If you are suffering from a periodontal abscess, you know just how excruciatingly painful they can be. Dr. Robert Petrtyl is a family dentist offering the Cincinnati area more
Any dentist will advise you to keep the piercing needle away from the tongue, gums and lips. Dr. Robert Petrtyl, Cincinnati’s most trusted practitioner of general dentistry, brings more
Tobacco, regardless of its form, causes serious damage to a user’s teeth and gums, according to the American Dental Association. Many users incorrectly believe that smokeless more
While virtually everyone enjoys a soft drink or other sweet beverage, the long-term effects of copious amounts of sugary beverages are frightening. People who keep themselves more
Believe it or not, dentists are usually the first healthcare professionals to spot a snoring or sleep apnea problem. This is because dental exams and teeth cleanings are typically more
Everyone has that one bad habit they just can’t seem to get rid of, and one of the most common habits is nail biting. People bite their nails for a number of reasons, including more
Dr. Robert Petrtyl offers top general dentistry services in the Cincinnati, OH area and is proud to have so many satisfied, healthy patients. But even more than these things, Dr. more
Whether the need comes from a pesky root canal, a serious case of gum disease, or an injury, tooth extraction is never an easy decision. It requires a thoughtful consultation from more
Whether you’re undergoing a simple cleaning or a more complicated wisdom tooth extraction, you deserve a dentist who will go the extra mile and do his best to put your mind at ease. more
Your gums are the foundation of oral health. Think about it: Just beneath them are hypersensitive tooth nerve endings, but food particles get trapped in them every day, wearing them more
Taking care of your teeth is an important aspect of maintaining good overall health. Dr. Robert Petrtyl and his friendly staff are dedicated to providing patients with the best more
It’s well-known that daily brushing and flossing, eating the right foods, and seeing your dentist regularly are key to optimal dental health. Considered preventative measures more
You may often worry about the health of your teeth, but how often do you stop and think about the health of your gums? If the answer is "never," you may want to reevaluate your oral more
Dental X-rays are an important general dentistry tool, as they allow dentists to inspect teeth and gums for issues invisible to the naked eye. While some voice concern about more
Teeth cleaning is a basic foundation of good health—not just your teeth, but your whole body is healthier when your gums are bacteria free. Getting kids to agree... not so easy!& more
Gluten, starch, and sugar can have a significant bearing on one's oral health. Each substance has particular properties that, left unchecked, could lead to problems with the teeth more
Due to the stresses of family obligations or work, some folks may clench their teeth from time to time. When teeth grinding, medically dubbed "bruxism," happens on a regular basis, more
Root canals save diseased teeth from extraction. The procedure is required following irreversible tooth nerve damage or when tooth pulp dies. Dental pulp is found within each tooth, more
Whether you need a routine teeth cleaning, bridges or crowns, you want a dentist you can trust and count on, someone who will take the time to make your dental health a priority. more
Your smile might look healthy and perfect, but you still need to keep an eye on the health of your teeth and gums. Gingival recession, or receding gums, is a common problem more
You know that brushing your teeth regularly helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, but did you know that flossing every day is important too? Flossing helps remove the food more