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There’s something that just feels good about clean teeth - and there’s nothing better than feeling good about a trip to the dentist office! Gregory T. Grubba DDS offers Anchorage a full range of dental care and specialty dental work, from teeth cleaning to implants and orthodontics. The staff is well-trained on current techniques to improve comfort during every visit and have a reputation for making patients feel calm and at-ease.

Nothing is more important to the team at Gregory T. Grubba DDS than the health and appearance of a patient's teeth. Whether you need fillings, veneers, crowns, or cosmetic treatments, the team will work with you to develop a dental care plan that is comfortable, well-communicated, and affordable. This dental office prioritizes the comfort of its clients through open communication, a willingness to provide several choices for care options and payment plans, and second opinions for orthodontics and cosmetic work at no cost.

Using the most modern equipment available and keeping with current with fresh techniques, the staff at Gregory T. Grubba DDS will make your next dental appointment a truly pleasant experience. If you need teeth cleaning, a pediatric dentist, or other affordable dental work in Anchorage, call the team at (907) 562-1958 or visit the website

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