Pearl City, Hawaii

Kozo Sushi

Kozo Sushi

1029 Makolu St., Ste C
Pearl City, HI 96782
(808) 455-6805
Kozo Sushi, Sushi Bars, Restaurants and Food, Pearl City, Hawaii

From special hand rolls to bento platters, nothing gets your taste buds jumping like authentic Japanese cuisine. Satiate your taste buds when you visit Kozo Sushi in Pearl City, HI. What first started as a popular fast food sushi restaurant in Japan has turned into a just-as-popular sushi destination with various locations throughout Hawaii.

Using quality ingredients and talented chefs combined with affordable prices, you’ll experience sushi dining like never before at this restaurant. Choose from various menu options, including bento, hosomaki, makimono, nigiri, and donburi. Their chefs use fresh, locally grown ingredients to create an authentic experience for a taste of home and abroad. Whether you’re a novice or a sushi expert, a vegetarian or carnivore, there are plenty of platters for you to enjoy.

Not just a sit-down restaurant, there are also various options available for you to enjoy your meal wherever you choose. Come inside and enjoy the ambiance they have to offer or have them cater your next company outing. This restaurant holds several distinctions, being viewed as one of the best restaurants in the state. They’ve been a recipient of Hawaii’s Best three times, so customers know to expect top-notch service, food, and punctuality when using their caterers.

When other fast food chains aren’t cutting it and you want something fresh and delicious to serve as your meal, you can’t go wrong with Kozo Sushi, one of the best quick-service sushi restaurants in Hawaii. For menu specials and more, call them today at (808) 455-6805 or visit them online.

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