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Lee Tire, Tires, Services, Lexington, Kentucky

Are you in need of new tires to keep your vehicle roadworthy? If your tires are looking a little worn, it’s time to visit Lee Tire. Located in Lexington, KY, these tire experts have been helping drivers find the perfect tires at a great price for over 20 years.

Specializing in the sale and service of new and used tires, this family owned and operated tire shop offers solutions to almost all tire-related problems, selling tires that will fit nearly any vehicle and any budget. Stocking brands like Michelin®, Goodyear®, and Cooper®, they are known throughout the area for quality tires that drivers can depend on. After selecting tires, let their expert technicians handle the installation, so you know your new tires will function just as they’re supposed to.

These knowledgeable technicians are experienced and skilled, allowing them to accurately assess the safety and efficiency of your car and its tires. In addition to installation, they offer tire balancing and mounting services. Don’t settle for someone who sees your car as little more than a job. Instead, opt for the professional car care technicians at Lee Tire to keep your vehicle running at its best and its safest.

When you need dependable tire solutions to keep your transportation running smoothly, turn to Lee Tire. To speak with a tire sales specialist today, call (859) 254-6157. For more detailed information about their brands and services, visit them on their website.

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