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The Pet Hale

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Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 696-1083
The Pet Hale, Pet Care, Services, Mililani, Hawaii

The Pet Hale in Mililani, Hawaii is the best place to go when you’re looking for a fluffy, feathery, or scaly new member to join your family. Boasting 3,400 square feet of shopping space, the pet store offers a wide selection of pet products, such as food, toys, carrying cages, and even t-shirts that you can wear to advertise your best friend. Whether you’re coming in with the intention of taking home a loveable new friend or you just want to take a look at all the adorable faces, The Pet Hale offers a casual, family-friendly atmosphere that all customers have come to love.

The Pet Hale is locally owned by the Baker Ohana, a caring family who knows just what your pet needs for optimal health and happiness. The pet shop advocates adoption, and has information in the store about several local animal shelters that may have the perfect new friend you and your family are looking for. The store also houses numerous live animals, such as puppies, kittens, turtles, guinea pigs, bunnies, birds, and chameleons.

Most puppies for sale in the pet store come from families who have had a litter. The families place them in the store so that they may be placed with new, loving families. Furthermore, all puppies are screened by a licensed veterinarian while both the puppy’s family and The Pet hale are present. They will never place puppies in the store that come from large scale breeding operations or from anyone who they believe will not properly care for the animals.

When you’re looking for your new best friend, come to a place where all faces are happy to see you, human and animal alike. Visit The Pet Hale online for more information or to view some pictures of your adorable options.

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Come see all the cuties we have available now!  All covered with a 1 Year, $1,000 Health Warranty! read more
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Did you know that the pet shop in Mililani, The Pet Hale, offers low-cost adoption puppies in addition to all the other animals they have? Come see these lovable mixed more
Here at the Pet Hale, we have several lines of foods and treats that offer buy 12, get 1 free! Cards are usually good for 1 or 2 years, and the free product is the smallest/ more
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Show this ad on your phone for discounts on our selection of items from now until the end of June!  See image for specifics!! Mahalo from The Pet Hale   read more
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Two vet checks, a free 5lb bag of food, 15% off supplies, and a one year, $1,000 Health Warranty….what’s not to love!? read more
Come see these cuties all waiting for their new homes today at The Pet hale in the Mililani Shopping Center! read more
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Puppies sourced locally from folks like you and me, interested in finding homes for their litters through someone they know and trust, The Pet Hale.  All puppies we offer to more
The Pet Hale in the Mililani Shopping Center is Hawaii’s first choice when seeking a new family pet!  Come see these cuties in our pet shop in Mililani waiting for their new more
The Pet Hale, a pet store in Mililani Shopping Center, is having their annual 15% OFF toys and treats sale from now until Christmas!  Other even bigger more
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Come see these and other puppies ready for their new homes today! All puppies purchased at The Pet Hale come with 2 vet checks, first vaccinations and deworming, free food, more
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Come check out our storewide sale today! read more
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All our puppies come with 1st vaccinations and deworming, 2 vet checks, food, in-store discounts, and a 1 year, $1000 Health Warranty all FREE!! They all hope to see more
While supplies last, come get either Southwest Canyon or Wetlands formula canned food on 1 case, get 1 case free!! Premium foods you can feel good about feeding more
Located in Mililani, The Pet Hale is Hawaii's top pet store. Whether you're looking to add a new furry friend to your family or are on the lookout for something more exotic, more
Come check out the dozens of beautiful Lovebirds we have in store today!  See below for a great deal we have from now through July (or while supplies last). Aloha!! The Pet more
Check out all the foods The Pet Hale has to offer!! read more
By the time they pet their first puppies, many children are already begging for a pet. While some parents are discouraged by the potential workload involved in a pet, having a new more
Looking for your first pet bird?  Or are you someone looking to add another to the flock you call your bird family?  The Pet Hale has many species of birds to choose from, more
The Pet Hale in Mililani, Hawaii, is the best place to go for locals in search of a furry (or feathered) friend. This pet store offers personal service to help you find your perfect more
Come see the cutest puppies on Oahu!read more
Come see the tamest, most beautiful birds at The Pet Hale!read more
Even though your pet can’t have chocolate, that doesn’t mean he or she can’t get something tasty for Valentine’s Day! The Pet Hale in Mililani, Hawaii is the best pet store to more
Looking for the perfect gift for your loved on Valentine’s Day? Surprise him or her with a puppy or kitten from The Pet Hale. There’s no better way to show you care than with a more
Come in today through Christmas Eve for 15% OFF all toys and treats plus other great in-store specials!See you soon!read more
Missed yesterday's Black Friday sale? No worries...come by today and help us celebrate Small Business Saturday!!read more
Mililani's best loved family-owned pet shop is having a store-wide sale right now! Stop by today to receive 15% off most items from The Pet Hale. You'll save big on important things more
Check out the huge bird and reptile sale at The Pet Hale going on now!!read more
Don’t leave your furry or feathered friends out of the Halloween festivities. The Pet Hale offers a selection of tasty treats for all types of pets, including kittens, puppies, more
Don’t leave your furry or feathered friends out of the Halloween festivities. The Pet Hale offers a selection of tasty treats for all types of pets, including kittens, puppies, more
Come by today for our 15% OFF sale!!read more
The Pet Hale, a pet store in Mililani, Hawaii, has a new rewards program that will give loyal customers exclusive sales, specials, and awesome discounts on future purchases. Known more
Sign up for our new Pet Hale Rewards Program today!  All purchases applied to your account for future discounts!!It's free, and it's easy to sign up!  Come in in today and more
Chameleons are amazing creatures that make great pets! These amazing color-shifting critters originate from Madagascar, but you can find them all over the world, including your own more
Commonly known as “budgies,” parakeets are a type of parrot originating from Australia. They're extremely smart and can learn as many as 100 words. To best ensure the bird's comfort more
Have you been considering adopting a kitten or older cat? Well, June is National Adopt a Cat Month, and The Pet Hale in Mililani, HI is ready to help you prepare for your new family more
Puppies are little balls of energy and love. It can be overwhelming to train your furry friend, but with a little patience and lots of affection, puppies are quick learners who more
If you’re looking for a new furry, fluffy or feathered friend this spring, expect to fall in love at The Pet Hale, Mililani’s number one pet store. With a large variety of more
The name says it all: there’s no pet that will love you quite like a lovebird. The Pet Hale in Mililani, HI, which boasts the largest selection of lovebirds in the state, is the more
See why The Pet Hale has become Hawaii's favorite store to find a new family pet!!read more
The Pet Hale in Oahu has everything a pet owner needs, from food and treats to collars, litter, carriers and bedding. One item shoppers can always count on is crickets to feed their more
The Pet Hale is more than just Hawaii’s favorite pet store—it’s the go-to destination for all of a pet’s needs. Family owned and operated, the 6,400 square foot haven located in more
15%  OFF all toys, treats, and Christmas items now through Christmas!!read more
See why The Pet Hale has become Hawaii's destination for exotic birds of all shapes and sizes! We currently have Green Wing Macaws, Blue & Gold Macaws, a Severe Macaw, Red Belly more
This Christmas, make holiday dreams come true with the help of The Pet Hale. With the incentive of 15% off all toys and treats during the week before Christmas, there’s no more
15 % Off all toys & treats today, November 28th from 10am to 8pm!!  Other great in-store specials, too!!See you soon!!read more
If there’s one thing Oahu pet lovers know about The Pet Hale, it’s this: they’re advocates for safe, humane, and ethical treatment of the animals in their care!  If you’re more
Come check out these one of a kind puppies at your friendly neighborhood pet store, The Pet Hale!  All puppies come with first vaccinations and de-worming, 2 vet checks, free more
Here's the latest bunch of cuties ready for their new homes!  Come check them out today at The Pet Hale!read more
It’s always a good day when you visit The Pet Hale in Mililani, Hawaii. This locally owned and operated pet store exudes a casual and welcoming atmosphere, always making you feel more
Come see the great selection of cute puppies ready for their new homes today! All puppies purchased come with 2 vet checks, first vaccinations and de-worming, free food and in more
Puppies are everywhere at The Pet Hale in Mililani, Hawaii! If you've been waiting for the right time to grow your family with a furry addition, there is no better time than more
Come check out these cute furballs today!  All puppies are vet checked and guaranteed!read more
Have a pet bird? Other than specializing in puppies, guinea pigs, turtles, and bunnies, The Pet Hale also specializes in birds. Since birds are less common pets to have, people more
Come see all the cuties available to take home today at The Pet Hale!All puppies are vet checked TWICE, come with discounts and free food, 1st vaccinations and de-worming, and a 1 more
Open July 4th!  Come see all The Pet Hale has to offer today in the Mililani Shopping Center!  Join us on Facebook and Twiiter for even more savings and special event more
Come see why The Pet Hale has become Hawaii's first choice for a new family pet!  Open 7 days a week in the Mililani Shopping Center!!www.thepethale.comread more
Check out these cuties ready to meet you today!read more
Come see our OSPCA puppies ready for you right now!read more
Summer months often reach high temperatures, especially in Oahu. Certain pets, especially dogs, can be much more susceptible to heat than humans. For this reason, it’s important to more
They'rrrree baaack!Baby Sulcata Tortoises have just returned to The Pet Hale today!! Come see these and all our other pets available at your friendly neighborhood pet more
Come check them out today!read more
Come see the newest puppies to arrive at The Pet Hale just a few minutes ago!!  3/4 Labrador Retriever pups!  2 girls and 1 boy!  They are 1/4 Golden Retriever more
Come see our newest additions to The Pet Hale family!  Our Husky/Malamute/Mix pups are full of fluff and fun and are ready to go home with you today!!  All our puppies are more
Here's our newest litter of vet checked, warrantied puppies ready for their new home!  Come see these and other pets available everyday at The Pet Hale!read more
Looking for a quality, holistic, nutritional dog or cat food that won't break your pocket book? Come to The Pet Hale today and compare our prices! We have some of the best foods more
Come see the cute little Doberman Mix puppies that just came in!  All our puppies are carefully screened by a veterinarian at their clinic prior to coming to The Pet Hale, they more
When you own a pet, there are numerous supplies you’ll need to ensure its health and comfort. At The Pet Hale, a family owned business in Oahu, you’ll find a comprehensive more
You already know that The Pet Hale is Hawaii's home for exotic there's even more reason to come check out our beautiful hand raised birds! See the details below for more
Did you know that The Pet Hale specializes in exotic birds?  Drop by today to see these lovable, feathery babies!read more
Did you know that The Pet Hale started working with our local OSPCA this past February and has already helped adopt out over 15 homeless puppies & dogs? Come see Wall-e, our more
Nothing brings joy and comfort into your life quite like the love that a cherished pet offers. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your home or some innovative pet products, more