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When it comes to your heating and air, you want your HVAC system to be just as reliable as the company you’re paying to service your furnace or your air conditioner. With more than 48 years of continued excellence in Alliance, OH, and neighboring Pennsylvania, White Refrigeration is the No.1 source for reliable HVAC services in northeast Ohio. Whether you’re in need of commercial refrigeration repairs or residential heating system maintenance, their trained and certified technicians will be there to provide excellent and prompt service.


When it comes to comfort in your home or business, there’s no one as good as White Refrigeration. Their expert technicians install the most complex heating and refrigeration systems, provide round-the-clock emergency services when others have clocked out, and give sound advice on how to cut back on energy costs. This HVAC contractor holds several certifications and is a member of the Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce, making them a vital part of the community in more ways than one.


From heating installations to furnace repairs, this company offers a host of services designed to bring the utmost comfort to your home or business. Their services also include A/C repair, ductless split system installation, commercial HVAC design/installation, and commercial refrigeration repair. They provide services to a multitude of industries, from restaurants and retail shops to data centers and office buildings.


Whether your heating system is out of date or you’re experiencing problems with your commercial refrigeration system, rely on the experts at White Refrigeration to be there to resolve your issues. Call (330) 821-1243 to schedule your free in-home estimate or visit them online for more information.

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