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When you’re facing a legal battle, having expert attorneys who work tirelessly to ease your mind and win your case is crucial to your mental and financial well-being, as well as your freedom. With the help of Miyoshi & Hironaka, Attorneys At Law, you’ll receive the attention you deserve and more from experienced and caring lawyers. Based in Honolulu, this law firm provides comprehensive legal representation for criminal defense and civil litigation cases, offering a unique blend of expertise and skill.

Whether you’ve been charged with a traffic violation or you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated, these lawyers will use their years of experience to fight for you. Facing a criminal offense charge can be traumatic, but no one is more equipped to help you toward a successful outcome than their experienced trial lawyers. Randy Hironaka has taken over 40 cases to jury trial, covering everything from petty misdemeanors to murder.

If you need to file for bankruptcy, have experienced a personal injury, or find yourself in a dispute involving a will or trust, Philip Miyoshi will be your civil litigator, acting on your behalf as plaintiff or defendant. Whether you’re trying to find a way to make ends meet, need to liquidate your assets, or have a landlord/tenant issue, he will treat your case personally, working hard to find the best possible solution to your problem.

When the going gets tough, these attorneys get going to resolve your legal problems successfully. Call Miyoshi & Hironaka, Attorneys At Law today at (808) 888-5042 to maintain your way of life and your freedom. You can also visit them online for more information.

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