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Lexington Cut Stone Marble & Tile Company

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Lexington Cut Stone Marble & Tile Company, Stonework, Services, Lexington, Kentucky

Are you planning an upcoming landscaping or remodeling project? Receive the superior stone services you deserve from a trusted stone fabrication service. With a rich tradition that dates back to 1921, the experienced team at Lexington Cut Stone Marble & Tile Company, Inc. understands what true craftsmanship means. From decorative stone walkways and patios to custom countertops and stone restorations, their skilled staff is dedicated to taking their time designing and executing a wide range of stone projects.

This Better Business Bureau accredited company provides contractors, architects, and landscaping specialists with the natural stone products they need to complete residential and commercial projects. They offer a variety of natural stone products for you to choose from, including Indiana limestone, veneer stone, marble, and granite. Spice up your landscape with a stone walkway, patio, or flower bed. Their inventory is filled with the materials and supplies to create a one-of-a-kind landscape for your property.

Complete your new construction or kitchen remodeling project with their custom countertops. Impress your guests with industry-leading stone materials. Benefit from scratch-resistant surfaces and low-maintenance materials that are truly stunning. Their interior fabrication services don’t stop at just countertops; they also offer services for fireplaces, tabletops, and vanities.

Natural stone is an efficient way to add value to your home, no matter where you decide to incorporate the product. When searching for a reliable stone or gravel contractor for your custom countertops or exterior design project, go with the knowledgeable professionals at Lexington Cut Stone Marble & Tile. Call them today at (859) 255-2496 or visit them online for more information.

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