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Used Surfboards Hawaii

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Are you looking for the perfect board to ride that tube on a sunny day? Used Surfboards Hawaii has a wide selection of surfboards for sale, as well as an extensive online catalogue, so it’s easy to find the perfect board. And, if you’re trying to sell your board, bring it into Used Surfboards Hawaii and let them worry about selling it for you; they’re one if the areas most popular surfboard consignment stores.

Founded by lifelong surfer Alex Utal in 2012, Used Surfboards Hawaii has become one of the most-trusted surfboard shops on the island. Based in Honolulu, their in-store location has an extensive inventory of used surfboards and accessories, and new boards handcrafted by local Hawaiian shapers.

With the increase in surfboard prices over the past decade, Utal found himself shopping online more often for used surfboards. Tired of the long searches and unreliability of online classified websites, Utal decided to make a search engine specifically for used surfboards; for surfers, by a surfer. Used Surfboards Hawaii’s extensive online catalogue makes shopping for the right board simple and quick. With high-quality photos, measurements, and a host of unique search categories, you’ll find the right board in no time. There’s no longer a need to visit tons of shops, or scour the Internet for hours; their website does all the work for you, based on your specifications.

Whether you’re in the market for a classic long board, or need something more up-to-date to keep up with the waves, the professionals at Used Surfboards Hawaii have got you covered. To learn more about their services call them today at (808) 591-9995 or check out their inventory online

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