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In situations where your vital medical records are needed immediately, they can now be easily accessible through Account Medical’s unique secure medical information system. Based out of Anoka, MN, they offer individuals worldwide a simple way to access their health data. Their user-friendly process will have you protected in no time, and their professional staff are prepared to guide you along the way so the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Their medical records management company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau®, so you can trust them for quality support and customer care. They’re committed to developing the cutting-edge records management technology our society needs with services that are beneficial for everyone, including the elderly, parents, caretakers, children, and those who often travel. You’ll have your records at your fingertips with a free or low-cost subscription.

The online setup process is simple for individuals to use. Select the right plan for you and your family, which may include QR codes, as well as smart cards and stickers for medical personnel to scan. You can also create a secured online profile with all of your personal medical information. Find your information quickly from the comfort of your mobile phone.

There is no need to worry about having customer support. Account Medical employs a skilled team of professionals who are available when you need them the most. Their proven system is backed by a 24/7 platform you can count on.

When unexpected medical events strike, be prepared with accessible medical records by using Account Medical. For more information on their electronic health record services, call them today at (651) 401-8089 or visit them online.

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