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A backed up toilet, a clogged drain, a leaky pipe – all of these common home issues can ruin your day, or more. For plumbing repairs you can rely on, call the Licensed Master Plumbers at Kelly Plumbing Inc. for all of your Monroe area plumbing needs.

Kelly Plumbing has a fleet of service trucks stocked with repair parts and driven by expert plumbers to provide quick and efficient service. A family business started in 1928; three generations of Kelly plumbers have been serving the Monroe area for over 70 years. Kelly Plumbing provides expert water heater repair, toilet repair, sewer line cleaning, as well as installation services for water and gas pipe systems.

To prevent unnecessary damage to your home or property, Kelly Plumbing utilizes modern technology when servicing your home plumbing. For drain clogs caused by grease or mud, Kelly Plumbing has a high pressure water jet that can clean all 360 degrees of the insides of your pipes without harmful chemicals. Using fiber optic cameras with a small light attached, Kelly Plumbing can pinpoint the source of your clogged drain or pipe. For outdoor work, Kelly Plumbing uses electronic sensors to locate underground leaks.

Call Kelly Plumbing Inc. at (318) 322-5116 for an estimate for your next plumbing job, or visit them online for more information about their extensive plumbing services.

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