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Lane K Bennett, Attorney at Law

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Have you or someone you love been accused of a drug-related crime or charged with a DUI? If you’re facing serious charges or accusations in the legal system, it’s vital to find an experienced defense attorney who is willing to fight tooth and nail to defend your name and rights. Lane K. Bennett, Attorney at Law in Kalispell, MT, will go above and beyond to ensure every client who walks through their doors receives the outcome they deserve.

Serving all of Flathead Valley and boasting more than 35 years of experience, this local practice works hard to offer superior criminal defense services to anyone facing a major felony, including homicide and sexual assault, or misdemeanor charge. As an experienced lawyer in both extensive jury trials and the criminal defense field, attorney Lane K. Bennett has in-depth knowledge of the Montana court system and harbors the tools and skill required to represent successfully represent clients. Up to date on the latest defense techniques, he strives to get his clients the best possible outcome in their cases, no matter how serious the charges they may be facing. This criminal defense attorney has achieved numerous acquittals and innocent verdicts, charge dismissals or reductions, and advantageous plea agreements for his clients.

When you need an experienced attorney that you can depend on to fight for you, look no further than the office of Lane K. Bennet, Attorney at Law. To set up your free, initial consultation for quality legal advice, call (406) 752-7300 today. For more detailed information about this firm and areas of practice, visit them online.

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