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The medical field has produced various branches of care that extend to different age groups, from our young ones to the eldest members of our families. At A&T Healthcare in New City, NY, you’ll have access to the finest senior and pediatric home care in Rockland County. For over 34 years, this healthcare provider has offered patients some of the finest services, from in-home to private nursing.

Whether you’re looking for healthcare services or you’re a professional looking to be staffed, they’re a match for you. This home health care provider is involved in multiple aspects of care, including pediatric and geriatric. From bathing assistance and companionship to comprehensive child healthcare services, their trained and certified staff is capable of handling a variety of tasks.

This is also what you’d have to look forward to as a prospective elderly care and home health care professional. The nurses here are adept at performing various services to assist patients and their family members, including physical therapy, nutritional therapy, medical social work, and wound care. Their experienced rehabilitation team travels to the homes of patients who still need additional therapy to help them along their journey toward recovery.

From needing assistance to caring for others, there’s a lot to find with A&T Healthcare, your premier choice for in-home health care. Find out more by calling (845) 638-4342 or visiting them online. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates on career opportunities.

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