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Eric R Tepper, DPM

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Whether you live an active lifestyle or chronic pain has been a shadow of yours for years, it’s never too late to seek the professional help of a podiatrist. These foot, ankle, and lower leg specialists are trained to provide exceptional treatment to keep you enjoying your way of life, free of pain and with good mobility. If you’re in the Sugar Land, TX, area, the first and only podiatrist you visit should be Eric R. Tepper, DPM. Dr. Tepper’s medical office is equipped to handle a plethora of foot-related conditions, from sports injuries to diabetic foot care, and has been serving patients since 1983.

There are many problems one can have with their feet, and Dr. Tepper has the skills and resources to help you overcome them. He offers a multitude of options for children and adults who are faced with new or chronic ailments. From burning and swelling to numbness and arthritis, he and his team can be counted on to find a prompt and effective solution. Whether it’s a sprained ankle or an ingrown toenail, they offer options for surgery, custom orthotics, and sports injury rehabilitation, covering a wide array of ailments.

As an avid sports fan, Dr. Tepper knows how important your feet and ankles are to your athletic performances. In fact, you could say no one is better equipped to handle sports-related foot and ankle injuries, considering he’s worked with and treated a number of professional athletes. When you’ve experienced a foot or ankle trauma or injury as a result of a sport, trust Dr. Tepper to provide solutions that will have you back in the game as strong as ever.

Don’t settle for just any podiatrist to handle some of your more sensitive extremities. Place your trust in the capable hands of Eric R. Tepper, DPM. Call today at (281) 980-3668 or visit them online to request more information.

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