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1830 Justin Rd
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(972) 264-1178
Dogtopia of Highland Village, Pet Day Care, Services, Highland Village, Texas

Whether you’re going on vacation, taking a day trip, or simply looking for someone to keep your dog company while you’re away at work for the day, there’s no place quite like Dogtopia of Highland Village in Texas. Known throughout their community for their dedication to keeping your furry family member happy, healthy, and totally entertained in your absence, this one-of-a-kind dog daycare leaves an impression on dogs and their owners alike. 

This local, state-of-the-art dog daycare is staffed by a team of highly trained, dog-loving professionals ready to treat your pup to fun-filled days of socialization with other dogs and staff members. With half-day and full-day daycare options, Dogtopia offers spacious, climate-controlled playrooms where your dog is 100 percent supervised. Dogs are grouped by size, personality, and style of play, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is safe, comfortable, and burning off plenty of pent-up energy.

In addition to their popular dog daycare services, this facility also offers outstanding dog boarding and spa services. If you’re going away on business or a family vacation, their team provides your pet a home away from home. They also have an extensive list of spa services your pet can enjoy during their stay.

From babysitting for just a few hours to keeping watch over your pet for days at a time, there’s no better way to ensure your dog’s happiness and safety than Dogtopia of Highland Village. To speak with a member of their team about their services, call (972) 264-1178 today. For more detailed information, including a detailed list of their spa and grooming services, visit them online.

Announcements & Events from Dogtopia of Highland Village
Valentine Pup Pics!, Highland Village, Texas
February 14, 2020 8:00AM - February 14, 2020 11:00AM
Chill Photography will get the perfect pose for just $10.00!    10% of each photo will be donated to the Dogtopia Foundation! read more
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Dogtopia and Peanuts Partnership!, Highland Village, Texas
We’re so excited to announce our partnership with Peanuts in celebration of the comic strip turning 70! Dogtopia will help celebrate all year long through a series of initiatives and...read more
The Nation's Fastest-Growing Pet Franchise is Primed for 2020 on Heels of Top Category Win, Highland Village, Texas
PHOENIX, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dogtopia, the nation's fastest-growing pet franchise, is kicking off 2020 with another award after being recognized as Global Fr...read more
Valentine Pup Pics!, Highland Village, Texas
February 8, 2020 11:00AM - February 8, 2020 2:00PM
Chill Photography will get the perfect pose for just $10.00!    10% of each photo will be donated to the Dogtopia Foundation! read more
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Bowl Pawty!, Highland Village, Texas
January 30, 2020 7:00AM - January 30, 2020 7:00PM
Join us for a Bowl Pawty like no other, all day on Friday January 31st! Bring your pups dressed with their favorite NFL team gear for hot dog treats, and a Full Day of Puppy Bowl fun...read more
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