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Spallina Materials Inc.

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Spallina Materials Inc., Asphalt Contractor, Services, West Bloomfield, New York

Spallina Materials serves 5 counties in the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and Rochester,  We are recognized as the premier source for aggregate products. We are known for our high-quality products and excellent customer service.

The family-owned-and-operated business boasts a wide array of products, including sub-base materials, crushed stone, specialized washed sand products, and hot mix asphalt. What’s more, the business also produces readi-mix concrete solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. And when it comes to quality, the products provided by Spallina Materials are NYSDOT approved.

But what truly separates the business from its competitors is its experienced staff, who provides each customer with technical assistance and solutions that are customized to their individual projects. Whether you need asphalt paving, concrete, specialty sand or gravel hauling, the staff provides individual care for its customers.

Spallina Materials has a fleet of dump trucks so it can conveniently provide you with large quantities of aggregate, no matter where you are located. Whether your project is small or large scaled, the local business offers prompt, insured delivery so your project can be completed on time.

The local business serves the entire Southern Tier and greater Rochester area. To enlist in the company's quality services, contact Spallina Materials today for a free estimate. Give the company's friendly team a call at (585) 657-8001 to learn more about the inventory and services.

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