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When you need septic care services, you want experienced specialists who will do the job right, every time. On Oahu, that company is Gecko Enterprises, with over 25 years of experience serving homeowners and businesses throughout the island. Whether you just need a routine septic tank inspection or a whole new system designed and installed, these highly skilled contractors are your one-stop solution for excellent service and high-quality results.

They do it all from septic tank pumping to sludge removal with the skills and expertise to spot any small problems before they cause widespread destruction. Gecko Enterprises also offers a whole range of services for commercial and industrial applications as well, including sewage plant operations and maintenance, drain line cleaning, and a wide variety of septic tank cleaning and repairs.

They pride themselves on being one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated contractors in the area, so you can be sure every job they do will satisfy any code requirements. More importantly, Gecko Enterprises strives to ensure that every customer is pleased with their work, so they do everything they can to meet your needs.

To learn more, visit Gecko Enterprises online now, or call (808) 637-3240 to request a quote from Oahu's premier septic tank specialists.


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Gecko Enterprises has been servicing septic tanks of local Oahu residents and businesses on the island for more than 25 years. The staff are the experts on all things septic, more
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