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Seasoned veterans of workers’ compensation law, the law firm of Thill & Freeman, PLLC proudly serves the Twin Cities from their offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 25 years of workers’ compensation experience under their belts, the firm’s workers’ compensation attorneys have provided countless individuals with legal advice relating to the workers’ comp claim process, workers’ comp claims and settlements.

When work injuries have occurred, a reliable and trustworthy attorney is needed to help people get the workers’ compensation benefits they’re owed. At Thill & Freeman, PLLC, it’s been the firm’s mission from the beginning to secure the rightful compensation that will make a difference in their client’s lives.

Well-versed in the insurance aspect of claims, attorney Mark Freeman, Esq. worked for years as an attorney representing insurance companies and his background lends the firm exceptional insider knowledge of claims assessment procedures.

Additionally, their experience extends to appealing a workers’ comp claim denied by insurers. Thill & Freeman PLLC's background and skills will ensure that your claim is heard. Their comprehensive legal services aid the injured through a process that’s difficult, stressful and littered with pitfalls, and it’s their objective to provide clients with the support and resources they need to achieve a sense of justice.

Focused and professional, Thill & Freeman PLLC is a firm with an understanding of the strategy involved in workers’ compensation claims and that speaks to the pride they have in themselves when it comes to delivering a hard-working and exceptionally knowledgeable team to their clients: they take every case on a contingency basis and won’t take fees until you get paid.

Thill & Freeman, PLLC are here to take your call, so dial (952) 512-7512 to book your appointment for a free consultation or visit their offices online.

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