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Team Elite: Leonard Cabral

Team Elite: Leonard Cabral

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Team Elite: Leonard Cabral, Financial Services, Services, Waipahu, Hawaii

Preparing for the future starts with a solid financial plan. However, knowing how to construct the right one to protect yourself and your family can be difficult. Leonard Cabral of Team Elite helps clients across Oahu and statewide manage their retirement savings and life insurance plans. As a knowledgeable insurance consultant, he is dedicated to educating individuals about their options while providing personal attention and excellent service.

Leonard offers proven solutions that will give you the flexibility you need to deal with life’s unexpected events, as well as develop a nest egg for the end of your career. He’ll create a plan tailored to your specific needs to ensure your financial future is secure and that you have a full understanding of the steps needed to achieve your goals.

Leonard is committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Feel free to ask about both traditional and alternative savings plans. Count on him to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding life insurance, retirement, or financial services.

When searching for a knowledgeable financial planning service, reach out to Leonard Cabral of Team Elite. Call today at (808) 358-4992 to schedule a consultation.

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