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The landscape around your house is part of your property, and impacts the overall appearance of your home. Houses with beautifully manicured and maintained trees and shrubs always look better, which is why your yard should be in tip-top shape. There’s a lot you can do yourself to spruce up your yard, but projects involving trees should be left in the hands of a professional. 

Dayton’s Quality Tree Service helps residents of Centerville, Kettering, and Springboro, Ohio keep their trees fertilized and healthy with deep root feeding and tree crown reduction. The man behind Quality Tree Service, Howard Perkins, has been in business for over 45 years, and was trained in horticulture at Florida State. This third generation arborist also offers tree stump removal and shrub pruning.

Maintaining trees and shrubs isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; it’s also about maintaining the integrity of your land. Tree roots can block and break pipes, as well as lift pavement and contribute to foundation problems in some homes. They are also essential to the health of the tree, so it’s best to allow a professional to repair the problem, and potentially keep the tree intact. 

Quality Tree Service specializes in pruning ornamental and fruit trees, but can delve much deeper depending on customer needs. They will also address every aspect of tree work, from elevating a drip line and improving irrigation to installing cable and bracing rods that will preserve a tree’s structural integrity.

Tending to your lawn shouldn’t be a chore. Let Quality Tree Service take care of the hardest work for you. They’ll leave you with beautiful trees and shrubs that will enhance the look and preserve the safety of your home. Call (937) 434-4439 and ask for Howard Perkins to get started today!

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